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NSW Fair Trading is a division of the New South Wales State Government's Department of Customer Service in Australia. The division's focus is to create a fair, safe and equitable marketplace in New South Wales. It investigates allegations of unfair business practices, and regulates goods sold in New South Wales. It also performs the administrative functions of registering business cooperatives and associations, and issuing occupational licences.

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  1. C

    NSW Contract Termination - No Cooling Off Period?

    Hi, I signed a 12 week contract with a Bootcamp/Group Training provider in NSW. They did not offer a trial, and I was emailed the contract after speaking to a representative on the phone. The contract states nothing about termination fees or a cooling off period, just that it is a 12 week...
  2. A

    NSW How to Get Bond Back from Landlord under Property Law?

    Hi there, I'm a tenant who used to rent the property from an agent. 3 months later, I received a notice to move out, because the landlord did something illegal, so I moved out. But now I can't take my bond back from NSW Fair Trading because they said the agent /landlord did not give them the...
  3. P

    NSW New Caravan Defective - Proceed with NSW Fair Trading?

    What is the best approach to get refund under Australian consumer law following the purchase of a new off-road caravan not complaint to gas regulations and not fit for purpose? The Van was custom made and purchased March 2015. Picked up in June 2015. Used once only. Noted structural defects...
  4. A

    NSW Private Car Buyer Wants Refund - What should I Do?

    Hello, I sold my car to a guy and he inspected the car for 2 hours and he gave me advance money of 300 dollars and asked me not to sell the the car to the other party who wanted to buy my car the next morning. So, the next night the guy came and bought my car and checked everything and brought...
  5. Gocarrie

    NSW Dealer Gave Back Faulty Car - Open NSW Fair Trading Case?

    My car has dropped out of Automatic into neutral whilst driving 13 times since I bought it new last year for $20,500. It loses all power and cannot be put back into gear or automatic till you come to a compete stop. This has caused some near accidents, the last one being almost fatal. It...
  6. Jackie M.

    Breaking Commercial Lease - Real Estate Agents Holding Me Liable?

    I leased a property last year advertised as a location from which I could live and work out of (I've got screen captures of the original online ads). The real estate agents advised similarly during the inspection it was approved for both residential and commercial use; on that basis they chose...
  7. J

    NSW Bought Brand New Lexus - Damaged by Dealers - What to Do?

    I purchased a brand new 2015 Lexus IS250F end of June. A few weeks later, I noticed an issue with the tints, Lexus organised to collect the car take the car to the tint company to get rectified. They returned the car with the tints and windows in worse condition. I advised Lexus and they argued...
  8. D

    NSW Scammed by Contractor - Now His Wife is Threatening Legal Action

    I posted a kitchen repair job on Service Seeking website and a contractor contacted me to complete my job requested. Initially he was very professional, responding straight away, and communication was well. He came out to my house and saw the kitchen remodel that we needed and we went back and...
  9. S

    SA Company Refusing to Replace Faulty Product despite Photo Evidence

    Dear All I bought a product from a company in NSW which arrived with some faulty parts. I showed them photographic evidence of the problem and they promised a replacement. Months later all I've had is lies and misinformation, ignored emails, etc., and to be honest it looks like they're just...
  10. D

    NSW REVS Check - Car Previously Written Off but Not Told When Purchased

    I generated a certificate on REVS (REVS check) to get prepared to sell my current car and found out the car was written off in VIC in 2010 (and I bought it in Mar 2011 in NSW) due to flooding. The dealer did not mention that the car was written-off, in fact, I asked him face-to-face before...