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The notice period is the time period between the receipt of the letter of dismissal and the end of the last working day. This time period has to be given to an employee by their employer before their employment ends. It also refers to the period between resignation date and last working day in the company when an employee resigns.

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  1. GrantSpils

    QLD Employment Contract - How Much Notice Should I Give Employer?

    How much notice do I have to give my employer if my employment contract has 2 different clauses stating different required notice periods? Let me explain: On page 8 within the section 'Term and Termination' it states the following: "The crew member shall be entitled to terminate this...
  2. U

    NSW Permanent Residency - Should I Follow Notice Period on Contract?

    I came here to Australia on deputation on 457 visa and have got my permanent residency 4 months back. I am about to exit this company while on my original notice period in my contract, which I signed during my deputation is 2 months (8 weeks). However, since I have a PR now, the company did not...
  3. Joseph J

    NSW Work Out Notice Period for Employer?

    Hello, I have been working in a consulting firm since August 2015 and is planning to resign shortly to be a full-time independent consultant. I am unable to work-out the notice period I need to provide to my employer as it is not clearly mentioned in my offer (mentioned below). Found after a...
  4. mindcircus

    VIC How Much Notice Period Do We Give Tenants?

    Hi I'm in a situation in which I share a house with a number of other people. My partner and myself are on the lease, the other 4 people (2 couples) are not. This has not been an issue with the owner of the property (people not on lease) with previous housemates. Each couple has their own room...
  5. M

    NSW Hand in Notice Period Before Redundancy?

    Hello, I’m seeking for a quick help regarding my situation. I’m currently employed under a 457 visa since October 2015 and I have now decided to resign because I want to come back to my home country in November. I have a 3-month notice period and by resigning now, I should be free by...
  6. T

    TAS Criminal Law - Previous Employer Pressing Charges for Malicious Damage of Property?

    Hi, I have a question. Firstly, I just recently quit my job due to involving my union into my place of work. This was a very awkward situation. I then had to deal with getting paid out my annual leave after being told I was not entitled to it. This created a very hostile meeting which resulted...
  7. J

    NSW Does Notice Period for Resignation Apply When Business is Being Bought?

    Hi, My query relates to employment law and whether I need to give any notice of resignation or not when my company is being bought out. My situation is the following: Our company is in the process of being bought out and the plan is that we will be signing new employment contracts start of...
  8. E

    WA Employment Contract Not Registered - What is the Notice Period Required?

    I have been in a lower management position for 10 months and my employment contract states that I must give 12 weeks notice. The agreement is not registered. What is the notice period I must give my employer under Employment Law?
  9. B

    VIC Employment Law - Resigning While on Probation - Where Do I Stand?

    I have only been at the company for 8 weeks and it's not anything like how it was sold in the interviews. I spoke to my boss and said I wasn't happy and wouldn't be staying past the end of my probation (3 weeks left). He then informed me that I would need to give 6 months notice as there was a...
  10. F

    WA Property Law - Lease Termination and Notice Period Given?

    I gave verbal notice to real estate agent that I won't be renewing my lease but did not put it in writing. Now they say I cannot vacate the property unless my 30-day notice is up. Can they legally waive the notice period for me under mutual agreement of termination? Also, they are selling the...