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  1. L

    NSW Landlord lies doesn’t give me my money back

    Yesterday I moved out my room where I was living for 6 months (where I was paying cash in hand rent ).After few hours that I left the apartment, where I was living with my landlord, I realise that I forgot an envelope with money under my bed. I immediately called the landlord and told her that I...
  2. W

    Spending money on repairs prior to property settlement

    Hi. Were due to have our property valued for sale (or just settled as exs name is on the title). Bit of background, both names are on title. Ex lived at property for less than 3 months. No financial contributions were made. All money (deposit and mortgage payments have always been made by me)...
  3. A

    Getting back bond money - subletting

    I live in Vic and recently was subletting a room in a unit off two other people who rent the place through an agent. (They are both on the lease and I am not). My lease (verbal lease) was up in March this year and the two other people decided to also move out of the unit. I've been waiting for...
  4. D

    VIC Ex spent $150k of (mostly my) money, can I get it back?

    4 year defacto relationship, no kids, 1 disputed property. I supported the ex while they completed a second degree. 70% of the contributions are mine (the entire deposit, 70% of the mortgage while living together, most of the post relationship mortgage repayments - which I made while they lived...
  5. J. Vizi

    Business/investment contract (Can I get any money back?)

    Hey everyone. I have given someone $20 000 from a loan I have borrowed previously. We had a specific written contract which says that the business is responsible for paying the loan installment, which sometimes happened but missing still about 19k. This contract has his name and personal...
  6. J

    NSW Question Regarding Pension Bank Account?

    I know this may seem silly. I know that when you go on an age pension, they want to know what money you have. How do you go about having everyday money like $20.000 in a bank account that you access all the time for clothes, bills, hair new pair of shoes, etc? Do they want to know if you draw...
  7. J

    NSW Friend owes me money, But he is making his money illegally

    I'm 16 in a few months and recently my friend has asked me for $4000 and he promised me he will pay me back within a week. It been a week and he is struggling to pay me back. I asked him how he is going to earn money to pay me back he told me he will be selling drugs. I have evidence he said via...
  8. K

    property settlement and money wastage

    would spending by husband on strip clubs,online dating sites, be considered wastage in property settlement, amount could be possibly as much as $55,000
  9. I

    WA Recovery of rental money

    Had a tenant evicted by a baliff after going to court how can I recover the money he owes by non payment of rent and utilities plus the money that has been spent on the renovation I have his name but no forwarding address he has a criminal record
  10. K

    VIC Indian giver wants to have money returned

    my mother in law paid out part of our mortgage and we paid the rest. She now wants her money back after 5 years and after constantly stating that she wishes we keep it. What are our rights if we sell?