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  1. B

    QLD Income protection group policy gone wrong

    Hey guys. I’d appreciate your advice on an issue I’m having. I broke my arm at home 8 weeks ago. I’m a tradesman so I haven’t been able to work. Luckily I’ve had savings and paid leave to use during this time. But I’ve been paying quite a high premium for income protection for three years now...
  2. J

    WA Question about indemnity/liability insurance for not for profit event and work safe

    I have been in formed about possible changes to an biannual event for motorcyclists. Apparently there will be changes about only licenced motorcycles being allowed. The event which is a three day event which in the past was open to all motorcycles and no motor vehicles allowed other than to...
  3. John Arlington

    QLD Paying a lawyer vs using a template contract for equipment rental side hustle

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure which category it would fall under. I'm a corporate film maker in Brisbane and have accrued a bit of gear over the years. I thought it might be an idea to build a website and dry-hire out my gear when I'm not using it. I have a $10,000 camera...
  4. 4

    VIC Can an insurance chase the other uninsured party?

    Ok car accident here, it was too long to write in the title. I'm the uninsured party and I believe that I'm not at fault. The other party is insured and she made a claim through her insurance company. They contacted me and read the script, she said I was at fault bla bla bla. I denied the fault...
  5. J

    NSW Legislation HELP - Does section 69 read with Section 11 Interpretations -

    Does section 69 of the insurance contracts act apply to a "varied" contract as defined under "Writing" of section 11 Interpretations? Is it interpreted in the way that if an insurer makes a variation to a life insurance contract, they are required to provide this in writing to the insured...
  6. Timnuts

    SA Insurance claim not assesed properly

    Hi there i had an accident in my car and it went through the whole proccess Accessed Fixed and signed of on and then released to my self after paying my excess This was all done in 2016 2019 i went to get some suspensipn work done and had a free vehicle inspection done to find my front k...
  7. J

    WA Insurance claim for bike

    My bike (pedal) was written off and my insurance company are paying for a replacement. They said they wanted to sell all salvageable parts. The bike shop who did the assessment and insurance report wrote off front wheel, forks and frame. I've stripped the bike and have binned all written off...
  8. W

    Insurance repair quotes

    Had a minor accident in WA a few months ago. My fault no question about that. The car I was in put a dent the size of a 50cent piece in the bonnet of the car behind me I received a quote from the owner for just short of the $800 mark. They decided to process the quote through their insurance...
  9. J

    Home insurance high claim number

    Hello l have had some bad luck with leaky pipes and appliances over past few years causing water damage to floors. l had a successful claim for water damage from a leaky pipe two years ago and a denied claim which was deneied becasue it turned out the water damage happened when l was with a...
  10. M

    VIC Child Support - Childcare costs, insurance, and medical bill

    Hi All. I have been paying child support in accordance to on CSA's assessment based on current percentage of care. Child's mother and I are currently in family court for parenting matter. I want parenting arrangement in line with what family report recommends. She's contesting the recommendation...