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    WA Which Insurance PDS is valid for a claim on TPD?

    I have Death & TPD insurance inside Super. I applied for this insurance in 2011. If I make a claim for TPD in Apr 2019, which PDS, and hence Terms and Conditions and Definitions, is in force at the time of the claim? Is it the PDS and related documents that were issued to me at the time of my...
  2. Y

    NSW Reverse parking out of angle park

    Last night, my boyfriend was driving my car and were reversing out of an angle park about 10 metres off from a curved road. We were a good 7/10 reversed out when a car hit us from behind - he'd just turned the curved road and was heading straight. The collision is my car's left back light and...
  3. S

    NT Insurance Claim Denied - Claim Not Covered?

    I have a situation. I had my swampy serviced as it was making a loud banging sound. After the service, it continued to make the sound so they returned. During the Christmas period, it started again on and off. When I spoke with them, they said it was fine and they were experienced. Well the...
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    NSW Owner built house with no insurance

    I am a new owner of a property which was built by an owner builder. We are having the dispute with the vendor for claim of defects according to warranties provided by Home Building Act 1989 for the defects on the house. The property does not have insurance because of the note in the contract...
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    VIC Who should get refund of LPI premium after early payout of loan - me or the bank?

    On 9 Oct 2018, I paid Bank of Melbourne the payout figure for my 7-year car loan 1.5 years after first taking out the loan. I only recently realised, after going through my car loan documents, that I had actually paid for Loan Protection Insurance, an amount that had been included in my car...
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    NSW Employee Hit & Run insurance claim liability

    Hi all, I am the registered director for a Pty Ltd company. It was a very small business with only myself driver a courier van, the van is the only asset registered under the company name. I have stopped running the business since August 2018 (but hasn’t close the company with ASIC) and closed...
  7. E

    NSW Sticky situation without HBCF insurance

    Please assume I am just an average joe who knows nothing about repairs and renovations who was not planning on doing any of the below and never has done any previously. Some few years back my apartment was damaged extensively as a result of Strata repairing a common building problem. Being...
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    Negligent Driving Penalty, Insurance Claim

    On 31 August, whilst parking my car (car A) I touched the bumper on the car in front of me (car B). The owner of car B was there and became very upset. The owner of car B took photos and so did I. My photos show no damage to car B or car A. I was interviewed by the police on 4 October as a...
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    WA Funeral Insurance leftover money query plus valuation query?

    Hi, My brother and I were nominated beneficiaries for my late mum's funeral insurance fund plus we are both Executors to my mum's estate . The funeral insurance policy was not part of the will. After funeral expenses were paid, the remaining $1800 were placed into a bank account with the...
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    common law and income protection

    If any one can help out with some info, after claiming income protection before finally receiving a common law payout insurance company is asking for a breakdown of the payout so that they can adjust the monthly income protection claim amounts. Solicitor says there is no breakdown for a common...