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    NSW Granny Flat Lease - Electricity Meter Dispute - Am I Liable?

    I had a kilowatt meter place in a granny flat I had in order to make two tenancies. I asked the real estate agent to have the electric bill sent to them and to read the meters and issue separate accounts. The boys moved moved in the the big house and connected the electricity in their names...
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    Granny Flat Deposit

    We recently paid a deposit and legal fees etc.on a granny flat at my daughter and son in laws property. They have separated. My daughter moved out and we were asked to leave. Are we entitled to our money back under Property Law? We have receipts for monies paid.
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    Granny Flat Agreement with Centrelink

    I am in a granny flat agreement with Centrelink between my mother and I. The property was transferred to me and now my mother is saying that she didn't know the house was being transferred because one of my siblings found out and has turned her against me and saying that I deceived her and have...