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    QLD Less Adversarial at Trial - Am I Making a Mistake?

    Firstly, thanks to those contributing to this forum. You've been an enormous help as I've read through other people questions and answers. I have a trial date coming up in the format of a less adversarial trial. The advice here has helped me come to my decisions on how to approach the Final...
  2. A

    NSW Misleading and Deceptive Conduct in Private Car Sale?

    In November 2018, I came across a vehicle on Facebook for sale, the car ad was titled "BOSS XR8 290". I liked the car and proceeded to make contact with the seller, one thing leads to another and I purchased (regretfully) the vehicle. The next day, I put a picture up on Facebook of the new car...
  3. T

    WA Challenging Executor Benefiting Themselves

    Preface: To avoid wasting anyone's time the following needs to be disclosed. The following is a bit lengthy but I have experienced submitting brief outlines always result in a 'more information please'. I understand the difficulties inherent in having an executor removed. I also understand the...
  4. A

    VIC Numerous signatures, not mine

    Hello, I have had my signature forged on numerous occasions, on numerous documents which are Vendor Statements and Sales Authorities. I signed one Sales Authority and I did not sign any Vendor Statements. I have previously requested the Sales Authority form as I was not provided with this when I...
  5. L

    NSW Possible miss use my TAX number

    my accountant bought to my attention that my ex used my tfn for a period in 2017. This also affected my taxable income. Instead of receiving $3000 refund I now owe $4000!!! I’m also paying more child support in incorrect amount. I emailed her employer to adv this and he asked for her tfn...
  6. S

    Executor issues - spending money from the estate -

    My parent passed away a little over 3 years ago. The will was entered into Probate (Victoria) and 1 sibling was named executor. There are 6 beneficiaries, including the executor as one. There were only a handful of assets; the largest being the family home. The will stipulated that 4 out of...
  7. J

    QLD CSA Paternity Fraud Issue

    I'm trying to avoid taking this to court - the Child Support Agency made a paternity decision (without my knowledge years ago). I want to put in an objection to dispute it on the grounds that I'm not on the birth certificate but I've read that paternity must be decided in court so - My question...
  8. L

    VIC Advice/experience on upcoming arrest fraud/theft from employer

    Hi All, I’ve been reading through this forum to see if I can gain any advice regarding my criminal matter and thought I would sign up and just post a question. Here are the relevant details and I would appreciate advice, experience, likelihood, anything that could assist me. -managed a...
  9. R

    Potential Pyramid Scheme Contract.

    I have an unusual scenario. A relatives spouse has got involved in a self help scheme that appears to me to be a Pyramid/Ponzi scheme. She has signed a contract to receive training to be a 'life coach' type of thing, she signed this without here spouses knowledge. It appears the training is...
  10. F

    Domestic Abuse, seperarion and Centrelink fraud

    Can a Centrelink debt be added to a financial separation pool? Debt occurred but was not discovered during defacto relationship from financial and emotional abuse. Person is now about to admit the fraud to Centrelink and is applying for a vro based on evidence of continued abuse to them and...