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  1. E

    VIC Maladministration and fraud

    Sole adult child and a friend are executors of adeceased mother's will. The friend executor had little involvementt. The adult child (son) is not a beneficiary. The will was divided between 2 step sons and 2 grandchildren. The son did not advise banks, Centrelink etc. Spent 170k in account and...
  2. H

    WA Lease - Landlord Refuses to Return Possessions?

    Ex-partner was renting a property privately. He was arrested and kept in custody. He got bail 5 days before his lease expired. While on bail the owners told him he could store everything in the shed that was also part of the property. They told him he could trust them and assured him that only...
  3. D

    VIC Medical consent fraud

    My young teenage child was taken for a surgical procedure by my ex's partner. The partner signed the consent in her name but stated she was the mother. The clinic assumed she was the mother and had authority but she has none. Has she broken any laws?
  4. J

    QLD Paternity Fraud - Mother refuses DNA Tests

    Hi, I have a strange problem and would love some direction. An ex of mine told Child Services I was the father of two of her children (this started 8 yrs ago). Child Services called my employer (father-in law) for pay docking but I was a sub-contractor so they couldn't do anything. This was the...
  5. L

    WA Removed as Administrator - Mum's Will Not Found?

    My mum had verbally made me the executor of will, which she told me, my brother and my sister, nearly 2 years ago. When mum passed last year, I flew over to organize her funeral and cleanup the house in readiness for sale. I spoke with my brother and sister daily, either by voice calls or sms...
  6. Darren Osborne

    NSW Vending Machine Paid For But Not Supplied on Lease Finance?

    Hi, I have purchased a vending machine which the lease finance company paid the vendor for up front and the supplier after 7 months has failed to provide an operational vending machine. The supplier stated that the machine was ready for collection in November 2018. When a collection attempt...
  7. J

    VIC Contrived relationship in Australia

    Hi i Just wanna ask for my friends He got the fake marriage with one girl. He didnt wanna get money but he wanna a baby as his mother and his grandmother wishes . His mother forced him to get married with her. When they is living together , sometime they have some problem and he said he was...
  8. I

    NT Paternity and DNA Testing Fraud?

    What grounds can a paternity test be retested? There is no other option on the father of the child and he has sent someone in his place for the DNA testing. I need the grounds to ask for a retest. I understand it’s hard for him to have pulled this off but my son is not immaculate conception
  9. N

    VIC Wife Filing Divorce in India - Husband Living in Australia?

    Hi all, I am living in Australia from last 7 year and got my Permanent residency 3 years ago and waiting for my Citizenship Ceremony. I got married in Feb 2018 and not my wife is filing a divorce on me. I filed her partner visa in October 2018 but is yet to be granted. As per the advice from...
  10. J

    NSW Friend owes me money, But he is making his money illegally

    I'm 16 in a few months and recently my friend has asked me for $4000 and he promised me he will pay me back within a week. It been a week and he is struggling to pay me back. I asked him how he is going to earn money to pay me back he told me he will be selling drugs. I have evidence he said via...