cooling off period

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  1. Q

    SA Selling House and Real Estate Agents - Dismiss Real Estate Contract?

    Hi I have a property up for sale. I had one contact the cooling off period was over, and close to the end, I had a phone call after I had a congratulations letter from the Real Estate Agents to say my place had been sold and the conveyance people would contact me regards to the last step. I...
  2. L

    Sold House - Can a Charge Still be Made Over House?

    Hi, If I have sold my house and exchange is done, deposit taken, no cooling off period as auctioned can a firm threatening to put a charge over the property do so. The house is no longer legally mine, and can they get any of the proceeds after / before settlement under Property Law? Really...
  3. M

    NSW Open Colleges 7-day Cooling Off Period Acceptable?

    I enroled at Open Colleges for a course that has a total of 13 units to be completed over a maximum of two years. I was paying on a weekly basis. They sent me materials for two units. Later on, I decided to withdraw from the course but they asked me to pay the whole course fees referring to a...
  4. C

    VIC Signed Timeshare Agreement in USA - Can We Just Not Pay?

    We need advice on how to get out of a timeshare agreement we signed in Orlando, USA, recently. The cooling off period has expired but on returning home to Victoria and our financial situation has changed plus we discovered more about these arrangements that we were not happy about. We have...
  5. S

    VIC Open Colleges - Have I Been Scammed?

    I enquired to do a online Course with this training organisation, Open Colleges, and the salesman was very smooth and pushy to get me signed up. I was quoted an overall price of $4400 to do the course, which is 12 units in length. I mentioned that I had already completed 6 units of this course...
  6. K

    Selling a Car under Finance because of Hardship?

    Hi, I was curious and have intention if possible to sell my car if I am leasing it by paying fortnightly, basically renting to own under a 5 year car loan contract. My cooling off period was a very SHORT time and I didn't have time to go back and make them aware that the vehicle was not right...
  7. CDS

    NSW Ultimate Forex Trading Course - Is an 85% Cancellation Fee Legal?

    Hi there, I've been to a free seminar on 5 Feb and at the end of that session, I was offered this company's 2-days coaching/training at a special price. They said the Forex Trading course is normally $12,000, offered to me at $4,995, offer only available on that day. At that time I advised them...
  8. P

    WA Commercial Law Problem with Bed Company

    My 69 year old mother signed a contract with a bed company at a seminar for almost $12,000. She was told that the bed would help her with her health issues. It did the opposite - it caused more pain and now the company is saying that all they can offer is a firmer bed, this is not an option as...
  9. V

    No Longer Want to Trade-in My Car - What to Do?

    I signed a contract today on a second hand car, to collect late next week, and trading my car in. I have since been offered more for my car privately. I called the dealer saying I no longer wanted to use my car as a trade in. I was told that I have to trade my car in as they have already done a...
  10. C

    NSW Contract Cancellation - Cooling Off Period?

    Hi, I signed a contract about 3 weeks ago, they didnt disclose or mention a cooling off period. they have not attached it to the contract which states it is. they have only given me blank copies of the contract. They have finalised the contract but have come back and said the amount on the...