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  1. S

    QLD Building Company Closed Before Paying What is Owed?

    A building company refused to pay me $30000.00 for kitchens supplied. I took them to court and was awarded 100% adjudication in my favour plus adjudication fees. It now totalled $37000.00 owed. They have closed the business. In the 8 weeks between me giving them the invoice and them closing...
  2. D

    VIC Commercial Law - Taking Business Partner to Court?

    Fall out with business partner. We both have shares in the company. How long would this matter take to get to court and what is the process to get it to court? My business partner has lied and done certain inappropriate things such as mismanaging money and other unthinkable things. How long...
  3. P

    SA Commercial Law - Creating an Entity to Hold IP?

    Hi, Looking for the best way to set up an entity to hold some IP for use by international NFPs and trade associations. Sounds big, but it's not. There is a loose affiliation of voluntary organisations, member associations and trade bodies across the world that hold a conference and expo every...
  4. C

    Need help identifying the relevant issue (Bailment?SOG)?

    Hi guys/girls, I need help on identifying the relevant issues of law. Here is the scenario: X gives Y (owner of museum) a piece of painting to display at a museum, and gives authority to sell the painting it if there the price is right. Y sells the painting to Z, and Z allows Y to keep it at...
  5. P

    VIC Case study of a breach of a contract

    Hey guys, I've got a few questions to ask related to a breach of a contract. I'm doing an internship one of the company in VIC and they ask us to build a case study based on a breah of contract. So I would like to know if you guys are able to solve my case study easily or not? Peter is an...
  6. B

    NSW Stock at Value Paid - Claim Money Back Under Commercial Law?

    Hi there, I have bought a business (due for settlement soon), however, I have already paid the vendor for SAV. Once paid, I discovered a cockroach infestation and have had to throw out most of the stock we paid for. Since it is not good or saleable stock (as specified in the contract), can we...
  7. Buddy80

    QLD Transferring Money from Business Bank Account?

    What happens to the money in a business bank account? My business partner transferred all the money from business account into her personal account. There is only the two of us in the business. I left because of personal reasons. We don't have a contract drawn up on what happens if one...
  8. A

    NSW Commercial Law on Selling Data to External Companies?

    Hello, I am starting a new online business. The business will provide a free online service where users will need register. The idea is to provide the users a single place to manage a particular type of investment, including uploading their documents. As this is a free service, I need to...
  9. F

    QLD Commercial Law - When Do Members Become Shareholders?

    If a member's agreement, signed by all parties, clearly states that the nominated parties will only be reverted to shareholders after a certain period of time, can those members call themselves shareholders prior to that date being reached under commercial law?
  10. Z

    VIC Urgent advice - A big banks removal of guarantor

    I am one of four guarantors and share holders in a commercial loan with one of the big banks. The other three are also Directors, I am not. I was requested by the other three (company) to sign a removal of my guarantee and indemnity for the business loans with “the bank “ and on saying no ( due...