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Car finance refers to the various financial products which allow someone to acquire a car, including car loans and leases.

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  1. J

    NSW New Car Purchase Dispute - What Can We Do?

    Hi I'm in real need of help at the moment as this issue is driving me nuts. I would appreciate all help and as to what avenues I have and also if I can sue for damages. If there is a lawyer willing to take this one as well, please pm me. On October last year I decided to purchase a new car...
  2. T

    QLD Car Finance in Parents' Name - Will Car be Repossessed?

    I have recently filed for bankruptcy and I have a vehicle registered in my name but the car finance is in my parents' name and the payments are from their account every month. The vehicle is security for the loan. Is their a possibility I could lose the car or is it physically impossible because...
  3. H

    VIC Is Car Finance Ex-Partner's Responsibility?

    Hey everyone, Just looking for some help. 3 years ago, my now ex-partner financed a car for me. The car is registered and insured to me. My name is nowhere on any finance papers. I have been paying the loan regularly during our relationship and for the last 2 years since we split up. He has...
  4. Herb13

    WA What Happens if Car Finance Falls Through Again?

    Hi, I have a question regarding a situation I am currently facing regarding a car I purchased and picked up on December 22nd. I bought the car on finance, which was approved through the dealer who used ******* Finance . I also had a trade in and paid $4800 cash toward the purchase. On...
  5. J

    NSW Debtor Wants to Repossess Car Still in Finance - Help?

    Hi, I have recently been declared bankrupt and all of my debtors have been informed. There is one debtor, however, for a short term loan that I got a few months ago that was originally $2000, but with late fees etc, this has now gone up to over $3600. When I got this pay day loan, one of the...
  6. M

    WA Is Car Finance Contract Null and Void?

    Hi, I need help for my daughter. She has to move to NZ for a family emergency & we were going through her car finance contract to see what she could do & we discovered that the contract was for a different car than the one she has & she has been paying it for 2 years now. I have been told...
  7. H

    QLD Car Finance Working with Dodgey Dealership - Where Do I Stand?

    A vehicle was financed. The car finance company had their staff set up at the dealership. The dealership first gave me the wrong vehicle all together (rwd petrol). Then they gave me the correct type (4x4 diesel), but it had mechanical & cosmetic problems ( flaked paint, oil leaks, dodgy...
  8. D

    SA Car Finance - Can I Choose a Different Car Insurance Company?

    Hello everyone, To who can provide me with some insight into my matter: I currently have a car under finance for just about 1 year now and the car yard that I purchased the car has provided the car insurance along with it, which will be referred to as (Company A). The car insurance is about to...
  9. H

    NT Car Finance and Financial Hardship - What Can I Do?

    I am 4 months behind on my car finance due to financial struggles even after a 6-month financial hardship arrangement. As of 3 weeks ago, I am back in stable employment and can now afford to resume my monthly payments, and to make additional repayments to cover the arrears over a few months...
  10. F

    QLD Dealer Got Car Finance for Me - Fraud?

    I had a very bad experience buying a motor vehicle. The car was registered in my name 4/12/2015 and was delivered to me 5/12/2015. On the 7/12/2015, I was contacted by the dealer and told the car finance was declined but he said leave it with him. Later that same day, he called and told me he...