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Australia Post, formally the Australian Postal Corporation, is the government business enterprise that provides postal services in Australia. The head office of Australia Post is located in Bourke Street, Melbourne, which also serves as a post office.
Australia Post is the successor of the Postmaster-General's Department, which was established at federation in 1901 as the successor to colonial post services. In 1975, the department was abolished and its postal functions were taken over by the Australian Postal Commission. The organisation's current name and structure were adopted in 1989 as part of a process of corporatisation.

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  1. 4

    VIC Australia Post registered letter not delivered & they scammed me

    Where can I report Australia Post's related problems and scams/frauds actuated by the clients support department? I paid for a registered letter plus "person to person" and delivery confirmation options. I sent very sensitive legal documents which cost me money and time to prepare and everything...
  2. Aisha01

    VIC Can I apply for Spouse Visa? Please help!

    I want to apply for a Spouse Visa for Australia. I am in Pakistan currently. There are two problems: one, my partner is currently on a student visa and also holds an inactive bridging visa A as he had applied for Protection Visa 866 and is waiting for its decision, so that means he isn't a...
  3. E

    QLD Postie from Australia Post Giving Mail to my Ex?

    Hi all. Firstly I think it’s great that you respondents take the time to help people through their legal issues - respect. I’ve got a problem where someone I know who works for Australia Post has been giving my mail to an ex-gf. The person is my brother who I’ve been in a dispute over a family...
  4. S

    NSW Australia Post's Extra Cover - Scam?

    I'd like to discuss whether this service offered by Australia Post may constitute a scam. They offer a service called 'Extra Cover' which is insurance in all but name. They even state in their documentation that this service is not insurance, however, the service is basically this: - A payment...
  5. L

    VIC Australian Consumer Law - Engin Cancellation and Pricing Dispute

    Called Engin to start a VIOP phone and Internet service because they advertised they could port my old number to the new service. Then I discovered that they could port only Telstra Numbers, so I called back within 24 hours to cancel the service. A month goes by and I receive a modem from Engin...
  6. T

    VIC Ex hasn't Sent Divorce Papers Back - What will Happen?

    Hi, on the 8th September, I lodged and served my ex spouse divorce papers via Registered Australia Post. She has signed and received the documents. She has yet to send it back. The Acknowledgement form and the Court date is for the 21st October. Does anyone know what happens under Family Law if...
  7. M

    VIC Previous Owner of House Destroyed My Mail - What to Do?

    I have bought and moved into a new house with a locked mail box, which had some mail delivered by Australia Post for me - the previous owner did not provide the key. 4 days after moving in, the previous owner emptied the box and destroyed all of the mail. What can I do?
  8. D

    SA Bought Item Off Gumtree - Seller Didn't Send

    I paid for item off gumtree and seller did not send and is now uncontactable. i have proof of purchase. All of his contact details and proof from Australia Post that he did not send items that i paid for. He will reply to other people if they enquire about items he is selling but will not speak...
  9. S

    VIC Voting Fines at Warrant Stage but Didn't Know?

    Hello, Not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum? I recently found out that I had three separate warrants for failing to vote (when I phoned about a separate matter). These were: A Melbourne city council election A Victorian by-election (for Melbourne city) A state election For the...
  10. G

    NSW Electricity Provider - Liability on Old Billing Clerical Error?

    Hi, I am an advocate for my parents (pensioners) who have an issue with an electricity supplier and I am seeking advice on where we stand legally in regards to a clerical error on a bill. The timeline; * Late October 2013 bill was issued for $950 * (Early November 2013 a single payment was...