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    Criminal background check

    Hi, I was taken to court by the ATO for late submission/ payment of tax returns. The magistrate dismissed on a Section 10 but I was given a good behaviour bond. This was approx 2.5 years ago in NSW court. In applying for a new job employers will conduct a background and criminal history check...
  2. G

    VIC Ex Neglecting Our Children - What to Do?

    Here's my dilemma. My ex (mother of our 3 kids, 14-7) and I have been separated for about 2 months. We currently share the same house. She has a cash in-hand job Wednesday - Sunday, 5:30pm -10/11:30pm. I am a stay at home dad at the moment ( she's had the job for 9-10 years, has never declared...
  3. D

    QLD Did the ATO Crack Down People with Frequent Flyer Points?

    In 2014, the ATO was threatening to crack down on people with over 250000 frequent flyer points. Did this ever go ahead?
  4. S

    WA Extension for ATO Fine Due to Bankruptcy?

    Hi, I just received from the ATO that I have to lodge my end of financial year 2015/2016. I have paid all the base up to date and went into liquidation on the 30 May 2016. I was official bankrupt on the 8 December 2016. They told me if I did not lodge this and I have to pay a fine of $5,000...
  5. O

    NSW Am I Personally Responsible for Company's GST Tax Debt?

    I have been in bankruptcy for 2 years now. My trustee is very hard to deal with. They either don't answer questions or take months to do anything. I was a director of a company which was liquidated but I had to go bankrupt because of personal guarantees. There was a company GST tax debt. Am I...
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    VIC No Superannuation and Tax Return - Any Recourse?

    Greetings folks, I think I have been scammed and taken for a little ride. The story: I was working for this guy for approx. 9 months as a registered Australian Apprentice. During that time, my employer was paying me cash-less tax. As if they were withholding the tax. They told me this was...
  7. R

    NSW Compensation for Damages from Other Party?

    To what degree is the at fault party required to compensate for damages to our vehicle? There are the obvious towing and repair costs, and costs to compensate for loss of use and enjoyment of the damaged vehicle. However, how far do these compensation costs extend? Would the following...
  8. S

    QLD Executor of Will Committed Fraud - What to Do?

    Mother died 2 years ago. Sister is sole executor of will. Mother owned a business and had substantial equity in family home. Sister was Power of Attorney for mother. Sister had been living in the family home for ten years with mother prior to death. The will states business left to sister and...
  9. F

    QLD Friend Served with Papers from ATO - Declared Bankrupt?

    If a person is served with papers from ATO, do they declare them bankrupt or does the recipient have to do so?
  10. N

    QLD Can Debt be Waived Due to Bankruptcy?

    In January this year I declared bankruptcy. September this year, after my partner and I broke up, I applied for FTB and the ATO must of reassessed my income for financial year ending 2015. I received a tax debt of $1500. Obviously this debt was not known at my time of filing for bankruptcy and...