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Ato Essilfi Bracato Essandoh (born July 29, 1972) is an American television and film actor.
Essandoh was born in Schenectady, New York and graduated from New Rochelle High School in 1990. He received a B.S. in chemical engineering from Cornell University. He first joined theater when he was dared to do so by a girlfriend. He is also a playwright, and authored Black Thang which is published in the anthology Plays and Playwrights 2003. He studied acting at the Acting Studio in New York City. Essandoh is the co-founder of The Defiant Ones writing and performance group.
His parents are from Ghana.
He launched a podcast, Unrelated, together with his childhood friend Chris Cecot.

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  1. M

    QLD ATO Issuing a Garnishee Notice

    I was operating a business as a sole trader for the past 5 years. The business closed last November at the end of the lease period. I have been contacted by the ATO for an audit due to BAS returns not being lodged. I will have a tax debt that I will not be able to pay. I am concerned that when I...
  2. D

    ATO debt & company bankruptcy

    I was the sole company director for a company that has since closed due to a severe downturn in business. I have reverted back to being a sole trader The company has a tax debt which I cannot pay (approx.. $80k) The company has no other debtors and no assets. There were no employees except...
  3. Skateboard

    VIC KPMG Audit of Family Trust - Help?

    My family trusts were investigated by the Australian Taxation Office, the ATO delt with solicitors appointed by my brother and the accountant who set up the family trusts and also delt with the ATO enquiries. I made some enquiries with the ATO investigator who I provided a statement to and who...
  4. R

    Sister's Ex Never Paid Child Support - Can She Sue Him?

    Please help? My sister got divorced from her cheating ex-husband 16 years ago. She is a very private person & I stayed out of her "divorce details" all these years but she is now getting closer to retirement & I was recently shocked to find out that she has nothing to show for all her years as...
  5. Skateboard

    VIC KPMG Subpoena of Family Trust - How Much will it Cost?

    Our family trust records where the subject of an ATO investigation. My brother and his accountant did some very unusual accounting involving the transfer of millions of dollars out of Australia and then back again claiming it was the income of another family member whom they wanted to qualify...
  6. B

    WA Ato capital gain tax for company

    Hi, about 6 years ago i sold my business on going on concern and made profit but never lodged income tax for the company. My abn is cancelled and my company is deregistered. I am too scared to call ato and ask them if i own any money. Will i be personally liable for CGT for a company?
  7. B

    QLD Personal and company debt

    hi, About 4 years ago i was the director of my company and sold my business on going on concern. My company was deregistered and i believe this sale resulted capital gain tax. I have also have debt to my personal credit card and business overdraft which i believe i was a guarantor. I offered...
  8. C

    VIC Issues with ATO and Bankruptcy - Help?

    Here's my situation: I have an income tax balance liability, which I need to repay by 1. August. I am expecting an income tax refund for the past financial year (2018), the refund won't cover the liability fully, there will be a couple of hundred dollars left as liability, which won't present a...
  9. B

    NSW Disputing Child Support Assessment?

    Hi, My ex recently filed for a change of assessment with child support. Her contention is that I am misrepresenting my true income. In the initial decision by CSA, the assessor had a brain fart and somehow just didn't see my up to date and filed Tax Returns (personal and business). So she has...
  10. D

    NSW Possible to Annul Bankruptcy?

    A friend was listed as a director of a company that was put in to administration by the beneficial owner. Prior to this, the beneficial owner ran up a significant tax bill and a director's penalty notice was issued to my friend by the ATO. She was told (and pressured) in to lodging for...