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    NSW Assault charge during a section 10 bond

    Hi everyone... I understand how no one can predict what will happen in court, but I am curious to hear what some people may suggest would happen in this scenario. A 'woman' has been charged for assault on 3 prior occasions, none resulting in a conviction recorded and the last resulting a...
  2. R

    SA Aggrevative assault against my husband

    Hi This case is against my husband as he is charged to drag me on road. I have not make a complaint against him. It is done by a neighbour and he make video as well and handover to police. My husband is on intervention orders from september 2018. But he was allowed to come back home in November...
  3. E

    Statute of limitations for sexual assault in qld

    What is the statute of time limitations for making a complaint regarding a sexual assault in Queensland?
  4. J

    NSW Overturning ADVO After Assault Conviction is Quashed?

    I recently had a conviction for common assault quashed after an all grounds appeal. In the appeal hearing, the magistrate decided to give a Prasad direction. The resulting ADVO from the original hearing, however, is still in place as the magistrate stated she did not have jurisdiction. Given...
  5. D

    VIC Medical consent fraud

    My young teenage child was taken for a surgical procedure by my ex's partner. The partner signed the consent in her name but stated she was the mother. The clinic assumed she was the mother and had authority but she has none. Has she broken any laws?
  6. J

    NSW Assault by a 16-Year-Old Male - What to Do?

    What can you do if you were assaulted by a 16-year-old male? How do you defend without breaking the law or getting into strife? Multiple times they have come to house banging on doors and calling out, threatening to damage property and even injury. No idea as to why. I asked him not to come by...
  7. P

    SA Support Person or Advocate for Minor Indictable Offence?

    I have a friend who has been falsely accused of a charge of "assault, causing harm", that has no merit. He has asked the police prosecutor, and authorized them, to include me in communications, and assist him in his representations to them. I am not representing him, as I am not qualified...
  8. B

    QLD Assault Charges - What to Do?

    My partner was attacked by a family at a graduation. One of them struck my partner to the head twice not long after the mother of the one who struck my partner grabbed her and pushed her while screaming abuse to her. For some reason, the police have camera footage of the one striking my partner...
  9. K

    QLD Can I sue for damages if a trespassing lead to an assault

    my ex girlfriend trespassed by jumping my fence she pushed me and yelled abuse in front of my children, my ex was over having visitation with our daughter, I called police which than lead to my ex strangling me. He is now in jail for dv matters, and I am charging the girlfriend can I sue her for...
  10. R

    NSW Planning Litigation for r**e at Bond University?

    I would like to pay for a few hours of advice in order to plan litigation if there is a cause of action. My story has been hard for me to recount because retelling it makes me cry and vomit, in a devastated frozen state that lasts whole days. I get flashbacks and I feel it is still happening...