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  1. John Jonathan

    QLD Uninsured Minor car accident at intersection

    Im in the process of trying to rebute a claim and the insurance company is saying that im at fault. I solemnly beleive that is not the case though. At the moment im seeking two different options... 1. Take this further up and seek a lawyer for advice and possibly take them to court or 2...
  2. A

    NSW Private car park car accident

    Hey all, Wondering if you could help, while working on my unregistered and uninsured car in a private car park of a block of units, the windscreen repair company called and said they’re on their way that day. I said great come on over! 5 hours later I got sick of waiting and texted him back...
  3. J

    WA Uninsured minor car accident

    I was in a carpark look for the parking lot, a car on my right blocked the way so I reversed. While reversing I scratched the car on the left. I am not sure if that driver was reversing or not (they claimed they did not)and has a passenger as a witness. I gave the driver my contact details and...
  4. S

    QLD Minor Accident, what are my rights?

    I was involved in a minor traffic accident. My fault. No damage to my car but put a dent in the rear bumper of other car. When it happened it was heavy traffic. The lady I hit Said it was ok she is insured (I'm not) and she didn't mean to slam on her breaks. Anyway we swapped details and all...
  5. A

    NSW Work Vehicle Accident

    I've had a motor vehicle accident in a work vehicle. The accident was in our car park and I swiped the car door on the gate to the car park. I was informed that I could request my company organise quotes or go through insurance and pay $500.00 excess. I agreed to the excess. Several days later...
  6. J

    QLD Car park Accident while reversing

    Hi, I reversed into a car parked (not in a marked car park) in a parking lot. At the time I had no insurance. We gave each other our details. Initially she was going to put it through her insurance. Now seems she doesn’t want to. She has sent me an invoice with no repairer details and no...
  7. S

    NSW Car accident with Truck

    I (car) had an accident with a Truck where my car was written off and there were very little damages to the Truck. I was uninsured. The weather was extremely bad, hailing and raining at the same time. It was happened on the highway with 2 lanes. I was driving really slow, according to the...
  8. I

    VIC Yet another "who's fault when reversing!"

    Hi brains trust. Seeking an opinion here. I'll preface this with the that I understand the adage "reversing vehicle always at fault" but what if at the time the other driver admits that they made a poor decision which led to the accident? In my case, I was arriving at home and I pulled into my...
  9. M

    Car Park Accident, Need Advice

    So I need some advice on who is at fault in a car park accident I had this afternoon. As I was reversing out someone has come from my blind spot to my left as I was looking the other way to ensure I did not hit the car to my right as I reversed out. This person has then tried to pull into the...
  10. J

    Concussion x accident x impaired driving

    Hoping someone might be able to give some advice regarding a pretty complex situation that my partner has gotten himself in. Not too long ago my partner hit his head quite seriously at work (incident form was completed), however the next day he went back to work, got into a customer's car (as...