Wedding venue non-refundable deposit

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5 February 2020
So we booked our wedding venue with a 30% non-refundable deposit. What we booked including catering and reception location (outdoor marquee) was stated in our invoice and contract for the day. The venue has now changed multiple things including the catering (now doing it in-house) and the reception location (they have torn down the marquee). They can offer us an indoor reception room but cannot hold more than 100 guests. We originally booked with them because the marquee was beautiful and will comfortably fit our guests. We want to change venues which we have researched and it is a possibility however we want to get our "non-refundable deposit" back. We think that we are entitled to the deposit as the venue is not providing what was agreed upon by both parties. The venue also made all of these changes without consulting with us and we only found out because we checked in to ask about the menu. Are we entitled to our deposit if we are technically the ones hypothetically cancelling? Any advice?
Thank you


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27 May 2014
Are we entitled to our deposit

Quite likely. They are changing essential terms of your contract.

If in Vic, let us know if you need a solicitor's letter sent. Try first though and see how you go.