NSW Shared sewer line overflowed by baby wipes & toilet paper

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17 June 2018
I live in a semi in Drummoyne for nearly 15 years, and the neighbouring semi is owned by a GWS Giants Player., who purchased the semi 2 years ago.

Last Friday morning I had a plumber attend my home due to the sewer backing up onto my property overflowing in the my toilet bowl, from a shared sewer line between both semis.

The plumber could not access the junction to the sewer from the neighbouring semi due to their neighbour on the other sides fence falling over the sewer pit. The plumber had to rip up my toilet and go in under both properties, to clear the blockage and put my toilet back on.

The plumber after many hours with a jet blaster and CCTV camera and video, identified the sewer blockage from the neighbouring semi, caused by toilet paper and baby wipes over approximately 5 – 6 weeks.

The current tenants are another GWS Giants Player and his wife who have been in the house for only 2 months and a baby 6 weeks.

The plumber spoke to that tenant, who was quite abrupt and didn’t want to know anything about it. The tenants will not open the front door when I have knocked on numerous occasions to discuss this. I called the previous tenant’s managing agent who called the owner and left 2 messages and sent a text to him to contact me urgently regarding the costs, while the plumber was here on Friday morning.

I also left a note in the tenant’s letter box on Saturday for the owner to call me urgently regarding the costs of the plumber. I managed to find the owners mobile number, I have called and left a message on Sunday, for him to contact me urgently.

I have heard nothing from anyone and am out of pocket $$$’s.

As a grandmother living in her home, I have to put up with a screaming baby day and night, and now out of pocket the plumbers costs which was caused by the tenants.

Surely on a $1M a year contract I can be paid?

Where to next?
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