VIC Refund Policies for Online Purchases Under Australian Consumer Law?

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Tony Maverick

10 January 2018
I sold some collector's toys online on Gumtree and the buyer is now requesting a refund, claiming that the items are not authentic. The buyer did ask if they were authentic, and to the best of my knowledge, they were, so I replied yes.

I also sent them 6 or more closeup photos to inspect the collector's items. They were happy with the photos, so purchased the items. Now, they are unhappy with them.

When I investigated with more educated collectors, I showed them the same photos of the items, and many of them believed my items to be legitimate. However, after speaking to one collector, we established that the items were possibly high-quality knock-offs. I was totally unaware of this, as I had purchased them at a retail toy collectable store, and never expected them to be fake. When I sold them, I wholly believed that they were authentic.

The buyer is now requesting a refund, although I want to know what my rights are under Australian Consumer Law, given the circumstances?

I just wanted to get rid of some old collector's toys, and didn't have the knowledge to distinguish that these items were not legitimate.