VIC Property Law and Inheritance - Putting Caveat on Grandparents' Estate?

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14 August 2015
Hi. My grandparents' health circumstances are currently quite bad and 2 of their children in particularly are already at each other about my grandparents' primary asset being their residential house. My parents do not want to get caught up in the battle currently taking place and do not want to be bad with any other sibling so do not want to do anything to protect their interest or my grandparents interests but at the same time find it sickening that these family members are fighting over assets ALREADY.

I am wondering whether I, as the child of one sibling entitled to a share of the estate upon my grandparents' passing, can lodge a caveat over their house to not only protect my farther's beneficial interest (which I obviously have an interest in as well as when my parents pass this inheritance will pass onto myself and my siblings) but also to protect my grandparents while they are still alive. I need to know if there is a satisfactory ground I can use under Property Law.

Thank you.

Tim W

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28 April 2014
To lodge a caveat, you need to have a thing called a "caveatable interest".
As the child of one of the prospective beneficiaries,
I think you'll be hard pressed to show that you have one.