NSW Not Divorced and married second wife overseas

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2 July 2018
Hi, i have been married in Australia from 2007 and from 2016 me and my wife been separated. she got another partner now. As per she told me last time we talked that shes applying for divorce. i wasn't aware of all this things so i left to her. now i went back to India last Feb and got married to someone else. now after i got back i was planning to launch my second wife file for partner visa. but find out i m not divorced yet. now i have applied for divorce and my hearing is in September. I found out due to this my second marriage wont be legal. now what i have to do to make this second marriage legal and call my second wife in Australia as legal partner. Is this any proper way to do this ? Please help me out. If my second marriage is not legal anymore than can i apply for prospective marriage visa for my second wife and can marry to her legally in Australia ? Please help me out with this... Thanks.


5 September 2021
I have the same problem as yours and looking for a solution. I have applied for a visit visa of my 2nd spouse and waiting for the outcomes