New Criminal Law for Snitching?

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1 May 2014
Hey, just wondering what people think about the new criminal law enforced that gives the person who is as criminal the right to get off there charge if they become a snitch and tell the police about someone else criminal activities to get out of there own charge. Me personally make it a bit of an injustice cause my girlfriend's ex has criminal offences around 200 pages long, warrants out for his arrests and the police don't get him. They don't care about him but they make out that they do, but they won't do any thing about it he consumes drugs and he is renowned for violence even against the police, and he's walking the streets. I could only imagine that it is because of this new law.

John R

Well-Known Member
14 April 2014
Hi Logan,
Do you have a link to the new law (or a media article that may assist further research)?
P.S. It'd be very interesting if the actual legislation referred to or defined "snitch" as a term! ;)

Owens Lawyers

Well-Known Member
13 June 2014
Police have discretionary powers not to charge and theoretically may do so if the person cooperates by providing information regarding other criminal activities. The article you link to, however, says that cooperation would result in an avoidance of prison, not that the charge itself would be dropped.