Court Orders to take Grandchildren Overseas - Passports?

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27 June 2014
I have family court orders to take my grandchildren overseas and the court orders state the parents have to facilitate whatever it takes to get the children passport, but the mother is refusing to sign.


Hi Karen,

with any type of court order that is made by the Family Court, all parties are bound to comply with its direction. If someone intentionally fails to comply with a provision of a court order, you may apply to the court to enforce the order to compel the person to comply with the order, or alternatively file a contravention application requesting that they be penalised by the court. You should seek legal advice to determine which of these options may be available to you. However you should bear in mind that making an application to court can be expensive, stressful and time consuming so it should only be a last resort.

The Family Law Courts website provides some helpful information with regard to court orders and your options here:

Your options essentially are...
  • attending dispute resolution
  • getting legal advice or
  • applying to the court.