copyright video and music question

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Red Jumman

13 November 2019
I made a video w a backing track made up of parts of 10-12 different songs. Do I have copyright in the music and/or the video if someone copies my video even though it is made up of parts of 10-12 different songs and I didn't add anything to it or does it belong to the 10-12 songwriters (from whom I got permission to use)?


Well-Known Member
25 July 2018
You own copyright on your own intellectual property. So...

1. You own the copyright on the video.
2. The songwriters own the copyrights on the audio. You obtained permission to use specific songs, which means that you have been granted a "licence" for the use of each song. Your rights and obligations in regard to the audio are therefore dictated by the terms of those licences.

In short, a licence allows you to use copyrighted material for a specific purpose, but it does not affect copyright ownership.
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