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WA Can We Dispute Excessive Fees?

Discussion in 'Wills and Estate Planning Law Forum' started by Tamara, 22 September 2016.

  1. Tamara

    Tamara Active Member

    12 November 2014
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    Hey Guys,

    My mother passed away last year and we're still trying to get her will sorted. She appointed a friend as co executor of will. This lady paid $2500 to a lawyer to obtain grant of probate, which apparently was incorrect due to the information she gave. So then she had to get another lawyer for $5500 to pass accounts and get the estate ready for distributing.

    Both of these fees have come out of the estate.

    My question is:

    1. Is there no way we can dispute the first lawyer's fee and ask that she pay those because it was her fault they weren't done correctly?

    2. The second lawyer fees seem really high and excessive. What's the price range to pass accounts and get the estates ready to distribute?
  2. winston wolf

    winston wolf Well-Known Member

    21 April 2014
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    Not really. Unless she steals from the estate, it's just the way it is.

    Look at it this way, the deceased chose this person to represent her after death. If she made a poor choice then the estate must wear the cost. If every choice the executor made was second guessed, it would never end.

    Sorry, it's just the practicalities of estates.
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