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NSW Can Small Income Affect Our Personal Injury Claim?

Discussion in 'Insurance Law Forum' started by KennJen, 16 March 2016.

  1. KennJen

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    16 March 2016
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    Whilst working on a home renovation (roofing), I fell. Not sure if it was from the ladder or the roof (no memory of incident). I sustained a skull fracture, cheek fracture, a fractured right wrist (badly) and a fractured left wrist. Both my arms were in casts for 6 weeks followed by rehab. I am unable to do any manual work or even basic daily functions.

    The day after my injury, we notified our insurance broker to submit a claim for Personal Accident or Personal Injury so that in 14 days we would receive up to $600 per week for a maximum of 104 weeks. I am self-employed - a small Handyman business, and it should be noted that this was a private job, not a job under my business.

    My problem is that during the period of insurance, there will be some very small (and not very profitable) jobs that will come up that I would have to be able to subcontract out to one of my workers to act on my behalf, thereby protecting the ongoing good faith with the company that supplies me with 90% of my work.

    All big jobs will be farmed out to other contractors until I am back to full capacity.

    It is my understanding (though I have not been able to find the details in my policy document) that if I were to receive any money from my business during the period of insurance, I will jeopardise our meagre weekly payment of $600. Is this correct? Is there some way of administering these small jobs so as not to affect our claim?

    I have heard anecdotally that even small amounts of income can significantly reduce the weekly payment so as to make it almost not worth making the claim in the first place. As it is, $600 (if they agree to pay that amount) is barely going to cover our living expenses.

    Your help will be very much appreciated.
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