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A summons (also known in England and Wales as a claim form and in the Australian state of New South Wales as a court attendance notice (CAN)) is a legal document issued by a court (a judicial summons) or by an administrative agency of government (an administrative summons) for various purposes.

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  1. C

    WA Violence Restraining Order - Lawyer Needed?

    Hi all, I applied for an Misconduct Restraining Order against my neighbour to the court on 1/12/17, due to a number of stuff ups with the summons not being served, police not notifying court, etc., that it had been my hearing isn't until Oct this year. He's piped up again with some idiotic...
  2. Skateboard

    VIC Reclaiming Costs from Common Law Case?

    I had a case listed in the Victorian Supreme Court commercial division. I was the respondent/defendant and the other party claimed I had committed contempt and was asking the judge to fine and imprison me. I was self-represented and the judge who was annoyed that the case had been listed...
  3. E

    NSW Does a summons have to be served by you or can you use a courier to deliver it?

    I have four separate summons to present, all over sydney for my NCAT hearing, can I arrange for another person i.e. a courier to do this or do I have to do it in person and drive around the entire day delivering them?
  4. S

    SA Summons to Appear in Court for Not Paying Petrol?

    Looking for help. I was involved in a petrol drive off. The incident : I pulled into the service station, filled my car up, went into the servo, grabbed a drink, and went to the counter. The cashier asked me a question which I didn't pay much attention to and I then handed him my card where...
  5. N

    Lack of response to family court summons

    So I’ve sought legal counsel in anticipation for a court hearing, I’m attempting all the required channels before filing in the daily court. What happens if the other party are summoned and they don’t respond - at this time it would be for relocating and possibly seeking sole parental...
  6. J

    ACT Drink Driving - Can Charges be Dropped?

    12 months ago, in a suicide attempt, I crashed my car (unregistered at the time). I was later picked up by the police and breath tested and blew 0.2 bac. I was taken to the police station and breath tested again and they took my drivers licence on the spot (90 day suspension). Officers were not...
  7. M

    QLD Bench Warrant and Assault Questions for Ex?

    My ex-partner (and father of my kids) was living in Victoria in 2010. At the time, he was in a bad place mentally and drug dependent (cannabis). He ended up in an altercation with an off-duty police office after the man used force to try and take his keys off him because he parked illegally in a...
  8. C

    VIC Summons issued under wrong name.

    Good morning, If a summons is issued to a Doctor requesting personal information about a person in their married named and they no longer go by that name, nor have they for over a year can the doctor still give all those medical details which are on their system under a different name to the...
  9. JaxyWhite

    QLD Summons for debt - Can I contact their solicitor?

    Hi I received a summons (statement of claim) for a debt with a local services company from four years ago. There are a couple of inaccuracies on the forms (such as dates and years that services were provided) but I accept I owe the amount being claimed but am currently unemployed and have a...
  10. 4

    VIC Asking Magistrates Court Hearings Papers?

    Can anyone tell me if I have the right to ask for Magistrates court proceedings, summons and subpoena records copies?