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  1. PeterB

    SA Incorporated association - $$ claim by ex-chair

    New to a small sport club committee. Ex-chairman/treasurer has demanded reimbursement of expenses over the course of many years = $70K +. No paper trail. No contracts. No receipts. No annual financial statements. No relevant minutes. Has intimated legal action if not addressed by new committee...
  2. S

    NSW Wife's Ex Saying Lies on Affidavit - What to Do?

    My wife recently went to court because her ex wouldn't give her son back. Long story short - we got him back after she picked him up from school on the first day of school. We had a family court hearing the following day. The judge was happy to have my wife have her son back. When my wife...
  3. M

    WA Appeal Suspension from Football?

    Last night (20-07-2015) I received formal notification of 4 week suspension for my sport (football) from a decision handed down 03-07-2015. The notification gave me 48 hours from 03-07-2015 to appeal. As the formal notification was not obtained until yesterday, have I forfeited my right to...
  4. D

    NSW Volunteers for Junior Sport Event - Responsibilities of Club Management?

    Situation: Volunteers helping at junior sport in an official capacity (Coach, runner, team manager, etc.). If these people are physically and verbally threatened and it is reported to the club, what are the responsibilities of club management?
  5. lawanswers

    ABC TV to show Essendon v ASADA Federal Court hearing live

    For those Essendon, AFL and sport fans still interested in the ongoing Essendon/ASADA drama. Will the Federal Court directions hearing be a ratings winner in the Friday morning (10:15am) slot? Quote Source: The Age, Essendon to file Federal Court injunction against ASADA Commonwealth Courts...
  6. B

    NSW Not for Profit Sporting Club - Unfair Exclusion and Breach of Privacy?

    Can someone please advise our sporting club on this matter. A overdue account owed by our club was forwarded on to a unauthorised third party. There was no contact made to our club in reference to this account. The third party is the sports governing body who contacted our club. The account was...
  7. J

    VIC Sport Tribunal denied witnesses of Defence

    Hi all. I have recently been suspended from a sporting competition for 3 seasons. There was an investigation of conducted by the Association and I was found guilty of "acting in a way that may bring the game into disrepute" by way of making physical contact with another player. I have denied...