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AccuRev is a software configuration management application developed by AccuRev, Inc. and was first released in 1999. In December 2013 AccuRev was acquired by Micro Focus.

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    NSW REVS Check - Car Previously Written Off but Not Told When Purchased

    I generated a certificate on REVS (REVS check) to get prepared to sell my current car and found out the car was written off in VIC in 2010 (and I bought it in Mar 2011 in NSW) due to flooding. The dealer did not mention that the car was written-off, in fact, I asked him face-to-face before...
  2. A

    NSW Car Became Statutory Write-off after Purchased - What to Do?

    I Purchased a 2004 WRX in November 2014, after two months of driving the vehicle,Ii get pulled over and told my registration had been cancelled because my car was a write off. I done a REVS check to confirm if this was the case and it was true. The car had become a write off on the 13th January...
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    QLD Ex-housemate's Car - Abandoned Property?

    Hey, I have a car in my garage from a ex-housemate/ex-friend which he has abandoned completely (abandoned property?). I have made over 4 attempts to contact him to ask him what he wants to do with it and to organise to have it taken care of by both text message and email. He gave no response...
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    NSW Private Seller Sold Repaired Write-off Car - Can I Sue?

    I am having nearly the same problem as "Can I Sue Car Dealer for Selling Me A Repaired Write-off?". Except mine is with a private seller. I bought the car 4 years ago (Not knowing what revs was at that time.) I bought a car with 30,000kms on it. The seller had told me it had never been in a...
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    Bought Car with No REVS Check - Cops Say Unregistered?

    Hello, I bought a car from someone and they signed the paperwork saying it was registered until 11 May. I didn't do a REVS check and the police pulled me over and told me that I was unregistered.