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    New (40km Demo) Jeep Renegade broke down within a week under normal use. Replacement/ refund?

    Hi guys. I recently bought a demo Jeep renegade sport with only 40km odometer. The dealer (best reputation in Sydney) claimed it as a new car since its just been driven to them from the other store. I bought the car and used it with care for one week. One day, I was starting up the car and all...
  2. C

    NSW Purchased Faulty Car from Jeep - Grounds for Renewal or Refund?

    Hi, We recently purchased a Jeep Cherokee which has broken down due to a broken transmission (gear box) requiring the vehicle to be towed. Jeep at this stage are willing to replace the transmission under warranty (outside of warranty, the cost is $12,000). I am only recently aware from other...