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  1. A

    SA iPhone Damaged at Repair Shop - What to Do?

    Yesterday I took my iPhone 6 into a repair shop to fix a cracked screen. About 30 minutes after getting my phone back, I noticed the screen was flicking black randomly. Also, I discovered my earpiece was not working (i.e., I could not hear people when I made calls, except through speaker phone)...
  2. J

    NSW Sold Secondhand iPhone - Should I Refund Money?

    Hi. I sold 2-year-old used iphone privately (Gumtree). He came to my house and he checked every function that he needed before purchasing. 2 days later, he said he wants to refund money back cause he found something faulty. I'm not a dealer. I didnt provide a gurantee to him. Please give me...
  3. L

    NSW Caught Shoplifting While on Good Behaviour Bond?

    Recently I was pulled over after stealing a few items of clothes from Kmart. I am on a good behaviour bond from shoplifting a handbag, including an iPhone and cash and was with the same person in both incidents. I'm only 17 so I am wondering if there is a possibility of going to juvie. The...
  4. Lauren CW

    SA Copyright Act on Videos Taken from iPhone?

    Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read! I am really struggling to understand how recorded video footage is protected under the copyright act as I believe nowhere in the act it specifically mentions "visual videos". By this, I mean a video recorded on an iphone and uploaded to a website...
  5. T

    NSW Stolen iPhone from Workplace Sold - Theft?

    Hi. A friend has taken an iPhone from her workplace as a joke. She had every intention on returning it, but a relationship break down and then moved 5 away back to her parent's house as she was in a violent relationship she was in. When she returned to her home, she sold a her lot of her stuff...
  6. J

    QLD Selling Used iPhone Higher than Retail Price?

    Hi, I saw a debate on a used goods sale site about how much you can sell an item for. Is it legal to advertise and sell, let's say, a USED iPhone for a high amount like $2000 when they sell NEW for much less (obviously no one will buy it. Just wondering if it's legal under Australian Consumer...
  7. C

    QLD Apple Robina Won’t Replace Recalled Faulty iPhone 5S Battery

    My wife's iPhone 5S battery was playing up so I booked her in at the Apple Robina Genius bar (Gold Coast). They said there was water damage in there and they won't touch it. Her iPhone is faultless apart from battery - approx. 18 months old iPhone 5S from Telstra. My wife told me about her...