intervention order

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An injunction is a legal and equitable remedy in the form of a special court order that compels a party to do or refrain from specific acts. "When a court employs the extraordinary remedy of injunction, it directs the conduct of a party, and does so with the backing of its full coercive powers." A party that fails to comply with an injunction faces criminal or civil penalties, including possible monetary sanctions and even imprisonment. They can also be charged with contempt of court. Counterinjunctions are injunctions that stop or reverse the enforcement of another injunction.

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  1. S

    IVO - Family contact

    Hi there I have an interim IVO against me and in my conditions I cannot contact her. However I have a phone that her mother is paying for and the protected person is living with her mother. The protected person has emailed me asking to discuss the phone and transfer of ownership etc. Is it...
  2. T

    VIC Being Bullied by Child Protection to Get IVO - Help?

    Hi all, I am currently in emergency housing due to my partner unintentionally hurting my young children, due to anger of parents divorce issues (that’s lasted over 6 years). Since being in emergency housing, my partner has finally been able to see his mum knowing that’s the trigger to his...
  3. D

    VIC Separation - Parent Wanting My Home in Their Property Pool?

    I'll keep this short and to the point: My (former) mother and father are having a 'property separation' in the Federal Circuit/ Family Court. My (former) mother started proceedings against my father and she has listed me as a secondary. She's demanding that I sign my home onto her. 5 years...
  4. L

    Interim IVO - What are my options

    The police took out a FVSN against me when I kicked my OH in the shins infront of them and my child. Since then I have been removed from the family home. We attended court on Monday whereby I thought I had consented without admission. I am now able to see my child, but still not allowed within...
  5. A

    VIC Grounds to extend the Intervention Order

    Hi Recently, I've resolved parenting matters by way of agreement in family court. Throughout this process, my former partner applied to have the IVO extended on basis of fear. I now have contact with former partner for parenting matters, handover, etc. through orders made by family court. I...
  6. A

    VIC Other party contesting IVO

    I had an IVO put on someone based on constant harassment, since the intrum order has been placed they have breached it almost daily, and harassed worse, now they want to contest the IVO and is trying to put one on me, with the leave of court, in her daughters name not her own. I was wondering...
  7. A

    VIC personal safety intervention order question

    Someone is trying to get a PS IO on me in retaliation for the one I have on her, which she has breached multipul times, in her daughters name with "leave of court" because she cannot get one in her name as I have done nothing to the family, just withstood her stalking and menacing. The form was...
  8. J

    VIC 12 months summary offence time limit?

    I have a family member that breached my intervention order in Nov 2018, breach is related to Ato. ATO didn't notify us of the breach until almost September 2019, we subsequently reported to the police. The told us it's a summary offence and there is a 12 months time limit which ends Nov 2019...
  9. L

    VIC Untrue Accusations in IVO

    Hi Luke here, I was recently served with an IVO from my ex girlfriend. We broke up 18months ago and I have had a very difficult time mentally trying to deal with it. I have seen doctors and I speak with psychologists. We agreed that if we felt like we would think about self harm we would...
  10. S

    VIC IVO County Court Appeal Problem

    Hi, I will try to keep this as short and simple as I possibly can. After waiting several months to have our 2 day contested hearing set by one magistrate in March for the start of October we find out from our VLA lawyer the night before that we don't have a magistrate allocated, but to show up...