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Insurance law is the practice of law surrounding insurance, including insurance policies and claims. It can be broadly broken into three categories - regulation of the business of insurance; regulation of the content of insurance policies, especially with regard to consumer policies; and regulation of claim

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    QLD Insurance Law - Extra Money for Life Insurance Premiums?

    Can a company ask for extra money for premiums under insurance law? I pay premium yearly for life insurance and the company has asked extra $400 dollar for a discrepancy in their billing costs. If not paid in 2 weeks, the policy will lapse. Question I paid full premium, asked in January. Do I...
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    QLD Insurance Law - Can I Withdraw My Car Insurance Claim?

    Hi, I lodged a claim for the damages sustained in a road hit with the Kangroo. The car was towed to the repairer and the car insurance company is asking for more and more information and evidence. It seems the repairer is unnecessarily increasing the bill for the repairs. In the meantime, I...
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    NSW Car Accident - Car Insurance Company Will Only Repair Car?

    Hi, I wonder if you could give me an answer to this problem I have come up against. I was in a car accident on the Harbor Bridge. I only have third party car insurance. Past details: got their letter in the post re whose fault after 6 months. They agreed that their party was at fault. I rang a...
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    QLD Travel Insurance - Insurance Company Disregarding Policies - What to Do?

    I applied for my Travel Insurance for Fiji at 10am February 19th 2016. My insurance company has come back and said that any policies purchased after February 17th 2016 are going to be disregarded as the cyclone was a 'mass media thing'. I had not heard of the cyclone and I have researched the...
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    VIC Insurance Law - What Happens After Insurance Paid Out?

    My high-end mountain bike was stolen last November and I received an insurance replacement bike just before Christmas. In late January, my stolen bike was recovered and, under the instruction of the insurance company, I took possession of the bike. I was told to inspect the bike and decide...
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    QLD Property Damage Dispute - What to Do Under Insurance Law?

    Ok, so I have a question about my situation. I live in an apartment block and the garage roller door hit my car on the roof. Here's what I am sure happened. It was in the morning. I walked up to the key fob thing that opens the door as the parking space I was in is in a bad spot and you have...
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    NSW Life Insurance and TPD Insurance Policy Taken Over the Phone

    Hi guys, My partner took out a Term Life Insurance Policy over the phone with a TPD insurance and 'Living' Insurance bundle (or so he believes) back in 2013. He was sent the policy documents at the time. Unfortunately, he can't find the policy and fears it may have been thrown out. He did not...
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    VIC Insurance Law - Unregistered Vehicle Stored in Garage Covered by Contents Policy?

    Is an unregistered motor vehicle or a motorbike covered under contents policy if stored in a shed that burns down? I am aware there are some companies that offer insurance specifically for this type of coverage but if I don't have to, why should I under Insurance Law? Cheers
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    NSW Daughter Driving Uninsured Car - Am I Liable Under Insurance Law?

    My 17-year-old daughter has run away to her boyfriend's and his mother has registered a car for her to drive, but it is uninsured. I do not agree with her driving uninsured. As parents, am I liable under Insurance Law for any costs to others if she has an accident? Thank you.
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    QLD Insurance Law - Can Insurance Company Renege on Admitted Claim?

    Under Insurance Law, would an Insurance Company have avenues by which they would be able to renege on an admitted claim if the Insurance is not renewed with them?