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    NSW Family Law - Chances of Relocation Order and ICL Interview?

    My friend and his ex have been separated over 16 months. The ex took their 5-year-old son to a non Hague Convention country and is now came back to Australia after 11 months but she is interstate. My friend filed an initiating application to the family court for taking custody of children and...
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    NSW How to Recover My Child under Family Law?

    I am married over 7 years, with a 5 year-old son. My wife had an undiagnosed mental health issue. The GP once referred her to a psychiatrist and she went only twice but later on denied to visit that psychiatrist further. She went to her parents' place and came back after 2 months. She was fine...
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    VIC Self Representing in Family Court - Engaging Firms on Ad-Hoc Basis?

    Hi... I am self-representing in the Family Court and am fighting an international relocation application to have my two children aged 15 and 11 sent to the UK. I was successful in having them both returned home to Australia from the UK in December/January via The Hague Convention and have...
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    QLD Filing for Divorce - Husband in India - What to Do?

    I live here in Australia and my husband moved back to India. We were married here and I have filed for divorce and had a person I know serve the application for divorce on my husband over in India. I can get my friend to complete the affidavit of service by hand but who can witness it in...
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    VIC Third Party Misuse of Power of Attorney & Kidnapping?

    I have only recently found this out. This all happened over 2 years ago, and I only had my suspicions. I received in the mail a hand-written letter, amongst other documentation, from a lawyer in Japan. This contained a letter which was written by a third party who admits to obtaining a power of...
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    VIC Wife Left Me Without Anything - Can I Sue Her?

    Hi. Two years ago my Japanese wife of 17 years emptied our bank accounts, emptied our rental house of all property, took all our assets, and gave away my personal possessions. She then abducted our three children (aged 12, 7, 3) back to Japan. I have been completely cutoff from any contact with...
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    VIC Self-Representing for Custody of Children

    Good afternoon all. A bullet point summary of my situation followed by a couple of legal questions for anyone who may be able to help clarify a few things. Wife abducted and retained our two children in the UK in Sept 14. Both children were returned three months later via the Hague Convention...