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  1. M

    WA FVRO - Is it worth it even if granted?

    For men who have successfully taken out a FVRO during separation. Was it worth it?. Or did it further escalate things?.
  2. D

    WA FVRO objecting False Allegations

    Hi, I have a FVRO (final) against my ex-husband. He has also been convicted for 2 counts of breaching the order and one of causing malicious damage to my property. He has now alienated my teenage daughter and taken her to court to get a FVRO against me based on false and extremely misleading...
  3. M

    WA Applicant father considering FVRO application to stop emails

    Hi all! It's been a while since I've posted. I'm helping my partner self-rep as the applicant in a case for parenting (and now property) orders. It's going well - huge thanks to previous posts and advice from @sammy01 @Tremaine @AllForHer 💙 My partner's ex-wife's Legal Aid lawyer was able to...
  4. Hmm

    Ex partner is contesting my FVRO making false accusations about me, is this perjury?

    He is doing this to try and get the FVRO cancelled so is he committing perjury? My court hearing is this coming week as he summoned the final hearing date to be earlier than expected. He has had 4 breaches of the VRO already and I will submit those as evidence as well I’ve had communications...
  5. S

    FVRO Final Hearing Prep. Self represented applicant. Any tips on how to open and close fast?

    Hi All, I have an interim FVRO on my partners ex wife and she has objected to it which was expected. The final hearing is next month and I have no idea how to present my case or where to start. It has been almost 4 years of absolute hell and although I have the FVRO, she has still been abusing...