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The FCC Declaration of Conformity or the FCC label or the FCC mark is a certification mark employed on electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC label is found even on products sold outside the US territory, because they are either products manufactured in the US and had been exported, or they are also sold in the US. This makes the FCC label recognizable worldwide even to people to whom the name of the agency Federal Communications Commission is not familiar.

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  1. S

    Best Tactical/Strategic Approach To FCC I-App Part E.

    Hi, I am new here and would appreciate it if someone could please provide me with the answers to all the below 6 questions in relation to an existing family law matter. This post/question follows on from my previous post about filing divorce papers; so any background information not provided...
  2. A

    VIC Discrimination suit filed at FCC

    Hello. I am in process of evidence submission. Need to clarify the difference between the below 2 statements: 1. Submit evidences and expert witness report by 1 July 2019 2. Submit evidences including any expert witness report by 1 July 2019 Will highly appreciate the clarification between the...
  3. Complex16

    QLD Changes to FCC - Already in Place?

    Does anyone know if proposed changes to the federal courts have already in some way been applied or implemented? For instance, if a matter has been before the court for 2 years and is set down for trial this week (before the proposed changes are to be implemented), is it likely a different...
  4. C

    QLD FCC and employment benefits

    for x # of years an employee received x # of benefits that were not included as a fringe benefit on any tax documents and once I file for parenting and property orders with the fcc with the benefits listed as a financial resource. Suddenly the items after many years are no longer provided by the...
  5. R

    NSW Proposed minute of order fcc

    I have to service a proposed minute of order prior to next hearing this coming thursday. What form do i use? do i file it in portal &/or email to court?? Thanks in advance
  6. M

    FCC First hearing - ex has now responded

    Hello The ex responded 13 minutes before the deadline but only filed for final orders, she didn't respond to my interim orders application. Any thoughts? She's represented, I'm self representing so any insight much appreciated.
  7. M

    VIC FCC Hearing Duty List

    Hello all, I am self representing with the first hearing next week called a hearing duty list at the FCC. I have applied for interim and final orders. Here are some notes; The ex didn't participate in the pre-action procedures at all. She will say she found the process intimidating and wanted...
  8. S

    QLD Respondant fled Australia after being served

    Hello, I live in Switzerland and I am not Australian. Ex wife is Australian, all her grown kids live in Australia, most real estate is in Australia and she spends most time in Australia. We do not have children together. We were married for 20 years, she did hardly any outside work, also did...
  9. A

    QLD Disability allowances by FCC when Self Represented

    Thank you for your time. I have been under the help of specialists for a long time and my processing / adaptive abilities are low. I usually just can't understand what I see or hear at the time, and need extra time to understand and make decisions or do what I a supposed to do. I know that...
  10. Complex16

    QLD Effect of breaches on fcc proceedings

    Hi all, Am just wondering in general what breaches of contact centre service agreements and protection orders is likely to have on parenting proceedings before the FCC? If there have been say over 30 breaches of the protection order, but all relate to posting photos online when the orders say...