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    QLD Discretionary Trust Distributions in Family Trust - Beneficiary Rights?

    As a beneficiary of a discretionary trust, what are my rights? I don't actually receive any of the distributions that are made to me, but my tax assessment shows I earn a lot more than I actually do because of these distributions. What are my rights here? Should I be receiving these...
  2. C

    Assets in a Trust - Is Spouse Entitled?

    So how about if the assets/money was left in a non discretionary Family Trust, of which you are only a part beneficiary ?
  3. M

    VIC Messy Estate - Dad with Two Families

    Need some help. I live in Qld but all the rest of my family live in Melbourne. My father has died recently. I am in my mid 50’s. When I was 16, I needed my passport to go on school exchange. Mum and Dad sat me on couch and explained that Dad’s name was not on birth certificate because dad was...
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    QLD Company Limited by Shares, as Trustee for a Trust or Both?

    I'm starting an online business and have been advised by a lawyer to start a company limited by shares but when I spoke to the accountant, he suggested a company as trustee for a trust. - Example Pty Ltd as trustee for the Example Unit Trust, as business owner - Bman as trustee for the Example...
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    QLD Business Structure - Raising Capital and Family Trust?

    Intended to get investors on board to help in assisting with raising capitals for my new businesses. Looking at setting up a Company Pty Ltd (proprietary limited company) or Company Ltd (public company) for company registration. Also have intended to make voluntary contributions to at least...
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    VIC Family Trust and Domestic Violence Order - Can Property Be Sold?

    Hi. my sister & partner are living in a house near Ballarat in Victoria. the house is in family trust with my father. they have been paying the mortgage for 4 & a half years. the house was supposed to be signed over to them when 5 years was up. but my father has now turned on them. he went to...
  7. R

    VIC Divorce While Named In Family Trust?

    Can I get a divorce while name is on a family trust?
  8. P

    QLD Family Trusts and Testamentary Trusts in Wills

    Hello, My Husband and I are looking to revise our wills. We presently have assets (property and shares) in a Family Trust. We also own our Principal place of residence (held in joint names), superannuation, life insurance and cash, which we would look to will into a Testamentary Trust for our...
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    Proceeds of Will - Tenants in Common or Family Trust?

    I am one of 5 children (aged between 51 and 60) that have just been bequeathed a house from our Mother's Will. In you opinion is it better for us to own the house as 5 x Tenants in Common, or to set up a Family Trust which owns the house, and the 5 of us, be trustees to the Family Trust. If...