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  1. C

    QLD Query on GST Liability and Tax Debt?

    Hi to all, Can anyone help with regards GST and tax liability? The Respondent has a $118,000 tax debt comprising of mainly GST. I have also had an objection to a tax return granted in full by the ATO in relation to a personal tax return lodged on my behalf by the Respondent's accountant. The...
  2. H

    VIC Leaving Property to Children - Will or Family Trust?

    Hi, I have a house that I bought in 1984 that I am planning to sell so that I can purchase a bigger house for my daughter and her husband to live in (paying rent to me rather than an agent). In the future, I will probably live there if my 2nd husband (married in 1990's) passes away. I have...
  3. GregsMoney

    VIC Can Company Directors Issue New Shares Without Members Meeting?

    I am one of three company directors of a Pty Ltd company. We wish to issue new shares to new members and want to know if we can do this without calling a members meeting. The directors all own shares. One of the members of is deceased and the shares are in escrow and the other shares are issued...
  4. A

    NSW Guarantor to Husband's Loan - Consequences if We Separated?

    My husband set up a unit trust for buying a property. His family trust is allocated units in the unit trust. I have been added as a Guarantor on his loan but not a beneficiary on his family trust. Can you let me know how this will impact me in an unforeseeable event such as a marriage...
  5. S

    WA Family Trust and Divorce - Am I Liable for His New Debt?

    Hi, I am separated from my husband since January 2016. We have a Family Trust in which I am named as a Trustee. We have had two unsuccessful businesses since 2010. There is no money in the trust, only loss. My husband wants to run another business on the trust and needs a big loan to open the...
  6. A

    VIC Family Trust and Small Business Restructure Roll-overs

    I'm seeking clarification on the application of the proposed legislation recently introduced to Parliament. Specifically, could the new law be used to effect a share transfer in a SBE trading company to a family trust? Or is that beyond the scope of the roll-over? Any guidance you can provide...
  7. S

    QLD Divorce - Queries on Family Trust and Child Support

    Hello. I'm separated from my ex, pending divorce once the one-year mark comes around. We share two children together. I currently live in a different state from him, moved out of the family home as per his request, and secondly, I had no family or friends I could stay with. He agreed to this...
  8. S

    NSW Who is the True Settlor of the Trust Fund?

    Say you want to claim the capital or remove the Trustee on a Trust fund, 1st though you want to establish the "True-settlor". Say the person A transferred money into Person's B's bank account to set up a family trust for "Person B's" relative. Would the settlor be person A or B? This becomes...
  9. Jen

    Estranged Husband Transferring Money to Private Bank Account?

    I need advice about a financial problem I have with my estranged husband over directing funds from our only major customer. Over $ 3-400 K a season is paid into our business account ( under a Family Trust ) to a private savings bank account in his name only that he I have no access to. Thank...
  10. K

    Rights Over Family House?

    I was in a de facto relationship for 5 year, and had 2 kids and built a house together in that time. We split a year ago and the kids and I moved into the house we just built. We go 50/50 in the mortgage. My half comes out of my child support which is a privet agreement between the ex and I. But...