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    QLD Car Roll Away Unattended - Who is Liable for Repair?

    I was required by my employer to provide a vehicle in which to conduct sales calls at people's homes. On Monday I left the vehicle to attend my first call. Whilst away from the car it rolled into an Energex pole as I forgot to put the handbrake on. The car is a right off and I didn't have...
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    QLD Energex Claiming for Damage to Power Pole - What to Do?

    Hi guys So I'm just trying to find the best way to approach this. What happened was, 8 months ago I was run off the road by another driver. He didn't stop and unfortunately, I spun out of my lane to avoid being hit by this person and went straight into a Energex power pole. Police did their...
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    QLD Dispute Regarding Contract with Builder?

    Hi Law Answers, We're building a new home with a large nationwide builder. There's been a bit of a problem because the estate that we're building on is a bit unusual in the way of its electricity supply works. Our estate is set up like a body corporate, so some normal, usual things don't apply...