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In law and government, de facto ( day FAK-toh, dee -⁠; Latin: dē factō pronounced [deː ˈfaktoː], "in fact") describes practices that exist in reality, even though they are not officially recognized by laws. It is commonly used to refer to what happens in practice, in contrast with de jure ("by law"), which refers to things that happen according to law.

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  1. S

    NSW Rights of defacto and wife

    My partner and I are defacto for seven years he hasnt seen her for over twenty and she lives abroad. Do I have any rights as his defacto We have bought a house together and have three children. Thanks for all help.
  2. D

    VIC Un-paid rent from Ex

    Need help please - ex and I rented a home for 7yrs during which time he paid rent intermittently and I covered his share (along with utility bills, car expenses, travel etc...) as he worked on a start up business. As title suggests we have now split and I have been trying to recover approx 5yrs...
  3. P


    Bought a property together been dating 6 years. Myself put down the full deposit $35,000. Was going through tough time so don’t think papers said that I was majority stakeholder but can prove deposit came from my personal account. What happens if we split ? Reason I ask unfortunately it seemed...
  4. J

    NSW Defacto: 2 Years living together - but what defines living together?

    Defacto: 2 Years living together - but what defines living together? Context My girlfriend stays with me a few nights a week, she does not have her own key to my place. At what point does this start counting towards 2 years of living together that could trigger the defacto status?
  5. Danilou

    QLD Defacto relationship break up

    My partner of 24 years has broken up with me. We have 2 kids, 12 & 14. We have a house, 2 cars (1 financed) 1 boat, pets etc. He works in the mines, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Will I be able to stay in family home (we have mortgage) with kids, when we sort out property etc? I work part time, won't...
  6. B

    SA Title Deeds in a Defacto

    My defacto, of 15yrs, has the title deeds of property in his name.(Plus mortgage in his name only) If he passes away and I am not on the title deeds, or mortgage, where do I stand legally to continue living in the house? Does his will cover me or do we need to get married, or put both names on...
  7. D

    SA Defacto separation and assets

    Hi everyone Looking for some advice regarding a defacto separation and assets. I have enquired about a few family lawyers but am waiting to hear back so thought I might ask on here as well. Situation is defacto relationship for 7 years with 1 child (4 years old). I came into the relationship...
  8. L

    VIC Defacto seperation help

    My friend has been seperated from her ex for a few month now..after a few years together They settled on him getting a few thousand and he also took some furniture upon they were living in her house . While together she paid the house while they split the bills. He has been...
  9. M

    How to AVOID defacto and how to time a BFA

    Hi guys, new poster. This isn't a men are better or women are better kind of post. Perhaps a little bit of 'the law is an ass kind of post'. Just curious as to whether its even possible for a person who is not a family court Judge to: 1. Enjoy a friend with benefits, girlfriend, boyfriend...
  10. M

    Defacto relationship?

    My question is whether a 14 month domestic partnership (was in a relationship with them for 9 months) and lived together for an additional few months could potentially be a de facto. If anyone has had personal experience with this I would be very grateful for your advice. I know the legal...