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Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. The remains of a living organism begin to decompose shortly after death. It is an inevitable process eventually occurring in all living organisms.
As of the early 21st century, over 150,000 humans die each day.Many cultures and religions have the idea of an afterlife, and also hold the idea of judgement and reward for good deeds or punishment for sin.

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    NSW Deceased Estate Elderly Abuse

    My aunty passed away last year in NSW. All family live in Qld. She had two younger people move in some 18months prior to her being placed in a home as she was suffering dementia. She left her entire estate to them - some $3-$4m. A "hold" has been put on the Will for the families to contest...
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    VIC Co-Executor of Will has Dementia - Help?

    Hi, There are 2 questions for anyone with information: 1: My father passed away 2 weeks ago and we have found out that my dad's partner (of 20+ years) and my brother are both co-executors of dad's will. My dad's partner is now in her early eighties and has Alzheimer's disease with terrible...
  3. K

    NSW Dying Before Deceased Estate is Finalised - What will Happen?

    A friend has a sibling who may die before their parents' estate is settled. What will happen to the sibling's portion of the deceased estate - will it revert to the estate for re-distribution amongst surviving members or will their portion be distributed on the basis of their will?
  4. A

    VIC Applying for Partial Distribution of Deceased Estate?

    My brother and I are co-executors of my late mother's deceased estate. Our mother passed away January 29th this year (2018). We have a lawyer, however I am getting no response from emails I have sent to him. Last correspondence was 23rd February, advising a Grant of Probate would be necessary...
  5. S

    VIC Debt Collectors Chasing Me for Deceased Brother's Debt?

    Hi, I have recently been contacted by a debt collector trying to recover a credit card debt my brother had. My brother was not born in Australia. We grew up in Australia, but he moved to Malaysia about 12 years ago, and has lived there since. He did have an Australian bank account and credit...
  6. K

    NSW Executor of Will's Legal Liabilities?

    My late mother's deceased estate has been in churn for nearly 30 months. Issues surround the sale of land due to existing surface water drainage pipes that are not recorded on any deed - that is there is no easement, yet a number of residences upstream use our pipes which in turn connect to...
  7. M

    VIC Can I sue informal administrators of deceased estate

    My 8 year old child’s father passed away in April, my child’s two adult half sisters and their mother dealt with the deceased’s assets. I sent a letter asking for a copy of the will on behalf of my child - the reply in a text message was that he never had a will and that I must call his ex wife...
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    VIC Deceased Estate of 10 years - What Can be Done?

    I am the owner of an OC unit in Vic. The owner of the neighbouring unit died some 10 years ago leaving no will. The property has remained as a deceased estate for this period of time. The owner has children in the area but none are interested in settling as it will affect their govt benefits...
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    NSW claim against deceased estate

    hello, im posting here to seek advice and help. Recently, my mum's partner commit suicide due to depression and she observed horrified and terrible scene. She was involved in the relationship for 17 years but didn't lived together, didn't have anything on both of their name (real-estate, bills...
  10. A

    VIC Intestate and estranged children

    My Mum left a will stating that I am executor and trustee. However she had only listed her small estate (under $180,000) without mentioning beneficiaries so the will is now invalid. She has 4 children from 3 past relationships. She’s not married. 2 children have changed their last name to their...