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  1. M

    VIC Caveat on unit debt out of control

    I have foolishly taken out a 2nd mortgage on my property which I have stopped making repayments on, resulting in the total amount just about tripling to 80K and continuing to do so. It is classified as a business loan although I never gave them an ABN. The monthly repayments are about $1750...
  2. M

    Preventing / Delaying Court Action on Civil Debt

    Hello All, I have recently been notified I may have an outstanding civil debt in Australia that is now held by a third-party private debt collection agency. They allege the original account went into default in January 2015 while I was based in WA. As this is the first time I have been...
  3. D

    VIC Un-paid rent from Ex

    Need help please - ex and I rented a home for 7yrs during which time he paid rent intermittently and I covered his share (along with utility bills, car expenses, travel etc...) as he worked on a start up business. As title suggests we have now split and I have been trying to recover approx 5yrs...
  4. C

    NSW Shared Care - Covering Medical Bill Debt?

    Hello, I hope someone can offer me some help. I have shared care of my children 50/50. My son got very sick in August while in my care. My ex-wife and I were informed that there was a case of meningitis in his class. I took my son to the doctor and on arrival, he was placed on oxygen and the...
  5. E

    If I offer a settlement to a Debt Collector, am I admitting a debt?

    I have rather large debts (~4-5 years old) that I'm unfortunately unable to pay. In another year or so the debts may be stature barred. To resolve the matter quickly I'm thinking of offering a lump sum payment to Debt Collector who purchased the debts. I can only offer to pay about 10% of the...
  6. P

    WA Commonwealth Bank sold my debt even though in debt agreement

    I had a personal loan with commonwealth bank as well as a couple other debts. I entered a debt agreement end of last month that commonwealth bank voted yes to, and then I get a letter stating as of 5 days after the beginning of said debt agreement they have on sold my debt to a collection...
  7. C

    NSW Debt collector payment

    My daughter had an rear end accident with a 4WD in the rain where she unfortunately ran into the rear of the vehicle when the driver braked suddenly. 1. No damage to the 4WD other than minor cosmetic 2. Police were not called so no police report lodged 3. 4WD owner chose to not pursue further...
  8. D

    ACT Debt agreement - provisions for death of lender & borrower

    I've got a question regarding a debt agreement for a loan between family members - specifically between a parent (lender) and a company belonging to their child where the child is sole shareholder and director (borrower). Both parties want provisions clearly setting out what happens in the...
  9. J

    Recovery of costs with debt collection

    The Victorian consumer affairs website states that a debt collector cannot recover costs associated with the recovery of the debt. You can if there is a term in the agreement but this does not apply if the debt was incurred for personal purposes. Thus I would interpret this that a medical...
  10. DailyWebClicks

    WA Default judgement from magistrates court for debt

    Hello my question is I have received a default judgement of $26,797.62 with interest the claim has included a fraud judgement also cost of default judgement which is around $250. The unsecured creditor has told me their intentions to declare me bankrupt. So my question is should I wait for...