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  1. M

    VIC Shoplifting at Costco

    Hi All Need some advice please. I am truly deeply regret for shoplifting at Costco recently. Police was called and they advised will contact me to arrange for an interview. I'm very scared and worried as I'm afraid I will goto jail but my two yo daughter really needs me. The value is $180 and...
  2. B

    NSW Shoplifting at CostCo - Will I Hear from Police?

    Hi, I was caught shoplifting at Costco in NSW yesterday to my absolute shame. First time ever due to some circumstances in personal life...and I reacted stupidly. Was taken aside by LP who took back the things, was made to sign a trespass form and told not welcome there again which I...
  3. R

    VIC Abandoned Shopping Trolley Damaged Car - Is Costco Liable?

    I was parked in a street loading zone (perhaps illegally) outside buildings which were not owned by the supermarket (and some distance away), when a strong gust of wind pushed an abandoned supersized Costco shopping trolley into my car (plenty of witnesses). Does Costco have any liability?
  4. C

    ACT Car Accident at CostCo - Am I Liable Under Traffic Law?

    Hi, while I was pushing my shopping cart at the parking of CostCo, I accidentally hit a reversing car which caused a small dent at its body just above the left rear tire. Am I liable for this under Traffic Law? Thanks!