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Aircraft leases are leases used by airlines and other aircraft operators. Airlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons: to operate aircraft without the financial burden of buying them, and to provide temporary increase in capacity. The industry has two main leasing types: wet-leasing, which is normally used for short-term leasing, and dry-leasing which is more normal for longer-term leases. The industry also uses combinations of wet and dry. For example, when the aircraft is wet-leased to establish new services, then as the airline's flight or cabin crews become trained, they can be switched to a dry lease.

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    Month to month commercial lease tenant rights

    I run an acupuncture business in a space above shops. Been there 30 years. Never had a lease. Original landlord passed away 10 years ago and I have been dealing with his daughter all that time. Recently she appointed a man to look after her properties and he has been pressing to agree to a...
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    VIC Commercial Lease - Late Fees

    Hi all, Can a landlord arbitrarily decide to begin charging a "Late Payment Admin Fee" on a commercial lease? Noting this is for payments maybe a few days late. Is this a "depends what's in your lease" answer or is there some other law on the matter? Thanks very much
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    VIC Can Landlord Withhold Consent to Transferring Shares to Beneficiaries?

    Hi, Last year, my father who was the only company director passed away. My brother and I became the directors of the company, but have been unable to transfer the shares that belonged to our father. The commercial lease requires that a change in membership of the company requires landlord...
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    Liability for Lessor's Income under a Commercial Lease

    Hello Everyone, I wonder if someone could offer me some advice. I have a commercial lease which expires in April, 2019. The lessor owns the building next to mine in which he operates a fruit shop. The lessor had fitted out the shop I am leasing as a butcher (he felt it would help his...
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    QLD Commercial Lease - Lessor Charging Interest on Outgoings?

    Under a standard retail commercial lease, can a lessor charge the lessee interest charges to do with monies borrowed for insurance cover in outgoings?
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    QLD Moving to home country due to health-Commercial lease

    We are 1 year into a 2 year lease and my dad has suffered a major stroke to the point where he needs 24/7 care and hubby and i are relocating our home and family to care for him. Our business is a NZ art & tattoo business and requires my husband to be there in order for it to operate as he is...
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    QLD Commercial lease - tenant on payment plan query - matter of contract

    There is a commercial lease, and a tenant falls behind in rent. The landlord elects not to terminate the contract, but instead accept a payment plan for rental arrears, with a right to terminate if the tenant deviates from payment plan (plus, of course, retaining right to terminate for any new...
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    NSW Need advice on getting out of a commercial lease

    Hi, I've taken over a commercial lease in January 2016, it is expiring in 2021. I have been running a restaurant in that location for a year before realising that the rent is too expensive to break-even in that location. In January 2017, I have started looking for a new tenant by employing 2...
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    QLD Commercial lease dispute

    I entered into a commercial tenancy agreement in November 2017. The premises were fitted with equipment essential to my business. Within the first week the equipment broke down and was not repaired by the landlord for a period of three months. I was unable to trade during that time, I...
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    QLD Is Commercial Lease Now Considered Invalid?

    HI, I have a commercial lease agreement for a business unit. This has special conditions that have not been met. Does this mean the contract is not valid? As I had no access to the unit before, the rental the unit was not painted, 14 Special Condition a.The Lessee must paint the unit AS...