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    NSW Family Law - How To Approach Asking For Different Travel Arrangements?

    Hi again! Below is a link to my previous question for some insight into the family law situation NSW - Family Court Orders Consistently Breached by Mother - What to Do? Since January, Sarah has started school, missed a fair few days (that we know of). Natasha has since moved into a different...
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    VIC Family Law Rights of a Child Regarding Visitations?

    I will be 17 in just under a month, and would like to know if I have any rights to refuse to see my mother. I currently live with my father, and every holiday break my mother insists on me spending one week with her and the other with my father. I do not always want to spend such a long time...
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    QLD Christmas Custody of Children Splits?

    Hello, Wondering if others could share their current plans/ideas/suggestions for the split of time over Christmas each year. Currently there is 130km between parents' places, around 2 hours travel time one way. Lawyers are suggesting a split of 12 noon each Christmas, however, I am wondering...