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    VIC Carer Visa medical assessment failed

    Hi, I’m a single parent/dad and have a son . He is 8 years old. He has some autistic issues, trauma due family issues. He has Speach delay issues as well. Bit hyperactive. He moved to Australia 1.5 years ago. My mother comes here time to time to look after him. I do not have any one who can...
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    VIC i am in detention centre can i apply carer visa 836

    i am in detention centre and my fiance is sick too much she need to go to hospital most of the times, i was overstay 2.5 yrs almost. can i apply carer 836 visa onsore Thanks hgjkhhfgfdfsdgjyhujjhkjhfhgdjhjh
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    VIC Father of Australian Child with Autism - Apply for Carer Visa?

    I am a British citizen (40) living in the UK, and father of a 5-year-old Australian son, who has been diagnosed with Autism. He is my only child and lives with his mother in Melbourne. His mother and I are separated. Is it possible for me to get a Carer Visa on the basis that his Autism will...
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    VIC Visa Australia - Can Mother come from Overseas as Child's Carer?

    If a person had a child in Australia and they wanted to bring their mother out from overseas to help them look after the child. What type of visa can the mother get?. Also is there any way the mother from overseas can get a carer visa?
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    NSW Carer Visa Help for Australian Citizen?

    I have Australian citizenship. I have been 3 but 2 children with special needs as both have autism and one of them is my daughter with severe autism and young baby 2years old. I have no family in Australia and recently separated from their father. I want to ask that can I sponsor my cousin in...
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    VIC Apply for Visitor Visa While Waiting for Carer Visa - Legal?

    I have a 3-year-old son with Down Syndrome. I want to apply for my sister to come here to help me under carer visa. Can she come here as a visitor visa while waiting for carer visa under Immigration law? Thank you.