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The 2009–10 BFA Senior League is the third season of the league playing under its present format, which involves the top teams from the Grand Bahama and New Providence Soccer Leagues. Previously, the league was a tournament between the top teams of each island, but is now the top flight of Bahamian football.
The competition features the winners of the New Providence Football League and the Grand Bahamas Football League to determine the top club in The Bahamas, as well as the nation's qualifier for the CFU Club Championship.
IM Bears FC won the championship, failing to win only one match in the process.

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  1. S

    WA Consent Orders or BFA?

    Hi guys My wife and I separated 7 months ago after 20 year relationship (married for 13) We had 3 children, two are now over 18 and one is 10 years old. Parenting arrangements are amicable so no need to have a Parenting plan involved at this stage. We have both received some independent legal...
  2. M

    How to AVOID defacto and how to time a BFA

    Hi guys, new poster. This isn't a men are better or women are better kind of post. Perhaps a little bit of 'the law is an ass kind of post'. Just curious as to whether its even possible for a person who is not a family court Judge to: 1. Enjoy a friend with benefits, girlfriend, boyfriend...
  3. J

    Costs involved in transferring a property after a defacto separation?

    My defacto partner and I have separated. We have a BFA contract which states that our shared property is owned equally although the mortgage and deeds are in my name. The easiest thing would be for me to pay out her share, but she is also interested in buying out my share so I want to be...
  4. Helenm

    Exes Separation and BFA

    Hi all I am in a situation where I have put into my new home $120,000 with my partner. He, after 14 years is still legally married to his wife, she has been with someone else for about 13 years. My partner sent her the online documents for divorce and asked for half of costs. She replied she...
  5. J

    NSW Do I need a consent order if I already have a BFA?

    We are a defacto couple with no children and own a couple of properties. We have a binding financial agreement (BFA) that agrees the ownership of our property and other assets would be settled in the event of a separation. Should a separation occur, do we really need consent orders if we...