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  1. T

    SA Numerous Parties and bankruptcy

    My ex is bankrupt. There has been no financial disclosure. Whilst also being a party, their trustee is also now added as a party. Does their trustee have to abide by the same rules in regards to disclosure? Can I ask them directly for the bankrupt's statement of affairs rather than making...
  2. J

    QLD Debts to continue after bankruptcy

    So in 2017, I went bankrupt by my choice for an amount of $60k roughly and recently I did a credit check on myself for pure interest and discovered that two of my creditors have defaulted me. The two creditors who have defaulted me were included with the rest of the other creditors when I went...
  3. C

    VIC Inheritance and bankruptcy

    I wanted to know if it is an offence for a bankrupt to replace themselves in a Will, with their children? Six months prior to my mother-in-law passing away, the Will was changed to remove the bankrupt, my sister in-law, as executor and beneficiary, and have her two daughters put in in her...
  4. MrsRx

    QLD Easiest way to seperate future finances

    My ex husband and I have been seperated since February 2018. Married in 2007. One child aged 9. We are both newly released from bankruptcy. I am disabled with a pension, don’t own a car, have only a grand in super and rent with my mum. He rents with his new partner, has a very cheap and...
  5. T

    WA Bankruptcy suggested by ato buisness deregistered

    Hi just hoping someone can help answer a few questions please. My husband’s buisness was deregistered 2 years ago due to running at a loss and we were both out of work for some time on no income, he has a very large debt over $100,000 owed to the ato from the buisness he has applied for a...
  6. I

    Small Company and Personal Bankruptcy

    Hi all. My husband and I run a small company with only us as employees. We found out last week we are no longer needed and are out of work. The prospects for work is slim and what work my husband can get is a major pay cut for us. To the point no debt would be able to be paid and we would be...
  7. T

    NSW Can't pay debt from abroad - bankruptcy?

    I've accumulated debt on credit cards and a personal loan. An unplanned incident caused the debt to grow from $32k to $50 a few months ago. The repayments have been fairly aggressive. I was putting a 1/3 of my income against debt and I could have payed off in about 2 years. Our budget was very...
  8. K

    NSW One year bankruptcy 2019

    hi, I was told one year bankruptcy was going to be introduced this year. Does anyone have any information about when this legislation will come into effect Thanks
  9. T

    What is my liability to ATO in administration of company

    hi there i have a 'position letter' from the ATO which they arrived at after 6 months of investigation into the company I am a director of. They have asked that I accept or object or make suggestions to their position within a time frame of 3 weeks. Basically, the ATO want the company to repay...
  10. M

    QLD Inheritance to be received by Discharged Bankrupt. Stat Dec question.

    My wife was discharged from bankruptcy 20 months ago. A few weeks ago, her father died and she has been named as a beneficiary in the will. Her bankruptcy trustee has advised that they do not have an interest or claim on any inheritance she receives and she can keep any inheritance. Also, there...