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The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is the national and principal federal law enforcement agency of the Australian Government with the unique role of investigating crime and to protect the national security of the Commonwealth of Australia. The AFP is an independent agency of the Department of Home Affairs and is responsible to the Minister for Home Affairs and accountable to the Parliament of Australia. As of October 2019 the Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police is Reece Kershaw, formerly the Northern Territory Police Commissioner.The AFP has a focus on preventing, investigating and disrupting transnational, serious, complex and organised crime including terrorism and violent extremism, cybercrime, child exploitation, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. The AFP is also responsible for delivering community policing in the Australian Capital Territory through ACT Policing and to other dependent territories, providing protective security in major airports and close protection for dignitaries including the Prime Minister of Australia and foreign diplomatic missions, delivering law enforcement training for Asia-Pacific partner agencies, acting as Australia's international law enforcement and policing representative, and contributing to United Nations peacekeeping around the world. The AFP is also a member of the National Intelligence Community and works closely with the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian Border Force, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

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    QLD Voice Recording a Conversation with Staff at Brisbane Airport

    I was recently at an airport (Brisbane Airport) accompanying my father who's about to depart the country for business reasons. As the airport recently went through some renovations, the self-service system was chaotic. My father bought an e-ticket online where it specifically stated that he can...
  2. D

    WA Paid UK Athlete for Bike Parts through Paypal - Options?

    First off, sorry if this is covered by Australian Law. I bought some bike parts to the value of $700 AUD from an athlete in the UK after he contacted me on Facebook messenger. I have the full conversations saved. He suggested I pay on Paypal using "send to a friend or family member" function...
  3. S

    NSW Family Court Orders - Application for Passport and Australian Federal Police?

    I am in the process of applying for my child's passport. We are planning a holiday overseas. The ex is cooperative and happy to sign the passport . I am concerned however because the family court orders made approximately 10 years ago stipulate that the Australian Federal Police maintain an...
  4. D

    Prosecuting a Politician - Write a Writ of Mandamus to AEC?

    First up a thank you to everyone who has put up with my past questions and helped me get where I am. I am trying to get a politician prosecuted for not complying with S44 of the Australian constitution. After an election two voters from the MPs electorate can go to the High Court, present a...
  5. J

    QLD Business not Registered in Australia - Should I Sue?

    Hi, I paid a company for a service. I was on the phone to them and they created a PayPal button for me. After I paid them over $10,000, I found that they were not registered in Australia, had no abn or acn. They then did a dreadful job that wasn't worth anything so I asked for my money back...
  6. E

    VIC Defamation - Ex said to Son and on Facebook that I'm on Sex Offenders Register?

    In 2009, my (then) wife disappeared interstate with our two young sons. A Recovery Order was issued by the Federal Magistrates Court and the children were located by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) 3 months later in South Australia, and returned to me. I won full custody twice, as she...
  7. M

    VIC Worked at AFP - Instructed to Make False Court Statements

    Hi. This happened 14 years ago, so there is the first problem. I used to work in the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and during my first year, was instructed to lie in court and to make false statements in my AFP diary and daybook. I did as instructed, but then reconsidered a few things and...
  8. O

    VIC Warrant For Arrest And Border Watch?

    I have a situation where a friend is A Thai Citizen, and Australian resident currently residing overseas. The recent history I will outline is complex but may be followed in point form. Numerous Court hearings beginning in 2012 led to the person being in contempt of court and she left the...
  9. H

    QLD Can AFP Block Deceased Estate Payments to Beneficiaries?

    Does the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have the authority to legally block, prevent or delay payments to a legal beneficiary from a deceased estate if the beneficiary has no past convictions and is not currently facing any legal charges? Also, can the AFP for any reason legally block or delay...
  10. N

    Difference Between National Police Clearance and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Clearance?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a difference between a Victorian National Police Clearance and a AFP (Australian Federal Police) one? If there is a conviction without guilt, will that show on the AFP one? It would show on the Victorian one? Thanks