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The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) is an institution operated jointly by the Faculties of Law of the University of Technology Sydney and the University of New South Wales. Its public policy purpose is to improve access to justice through access to legal information.

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  1. A

    VIC Progression in Time to See Father - Family Law?

    Seeking any help/perspectives/experiences. I have posted previously so won't go into lengthy detail on the backstory. We cannot afford legal advice currently and are looking at getting to a community centre to do so but don't particularly want to go to court. Mediation attended previously...
  2. M

    QLD Help With Finding Austlii Cases regarding Parenting

    Hi All, Im hoping someone can direct me on how to use the Austlii website (or any other that would have the info). I'm trying to find old cases where one parent failed to facilitate the others "child/parent" relationship. Not through straight out alienation by via, not communicating, not...
  3. B

    NSW Legislation governing the mailing of vehicular infringements.

    Hi. I'm trying to find the legislation governing the mailing of infringements through the post. Been digging around austlii but I cannot seem to find anything governing the specific time period from the time of offence to the time of infringement issuance. Surely it's not utterly unrestricted?
  4. L

    SA Help with Austlii site. General question

    Hi again brains trust :) So im still navigating the Austlii site.... and im wondering if things like when a child/ren are placed into foster care etc are able to be viewed on there? If so, would it be through a particular section or under who ever delt with it example: magistrate court etc? Thanks:)
  5. N

    QLD Query on Precedents and Case Law on Austlii?

    Hi all, I am wondering about precedents and case law, From what I can gather, precedents can only be set by a panel of judges of a higher court (generally on appeal). When I enter precedents and a few simple search words on Austlii, lots of cases come up unsurprisingly. I was wondering what is...
  6. R

    VIC Homework Question - Contract Law and Sale of Land Act?

    Hi everybody, I hope you're doing well! I have a question that I am stuck on currently the question is; What is the purpose of the Sale of Land Act 1962 as it applies to contracts for land? I have browsed through this legislation on austlii but I have not found anything that gives me a...
  7. M

    ACT Where to Find Sentences Handed Out by Magistrates Court?

    Hi there I'm not sure if I'm posting this is the correct forum ... I would like to view the sentence/s handed in the ACT Magistrates Court for various driving offences such as driving under the influence, driving with suspended licence, etc. I have looked on AustLII and on the court website...
  8. goodgravy

    ACT Family Law - Making Sense of Cases on Austlii

    Hi there After reading a suggestion by a member here to look at previous cases involving relocation on austlii to get a better idea of how cases play out and I have been doing just that. I find them quite confusing, though. I can see where the judge has made orders or passed judgement (if...